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“Jon is a funny and inspirational podcast guest teaching how we should spend a lot more time in our minds and be in harmony with our subconscious.”   
David Ralph Join Up Dots Podcast

Comedy creating award winning Hypnotist, best selling Author,  sell out Speaker, world renown Edutainer; Jonathan CHASE.

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Cut to the CHASE blog collects nearly 20 years of articles and essays that often challenge the established thoughts on everything from Comfort Zones to Persuasion.

Amazon best seller Author of several books, digital training and entertainment published by HypnoArts… check it out


"Britain's Leading Hypnotist"

Mail on Sunday

In 1965, at the age of 10, a Staffordshire coal miners son sat in the London Palladium stalls with his musical mad Mom, and caught SHOW BUSINESS! Despite his crippling hereditary Muscular Dystrophy, he started on a fascinating success journey that would take him from Colliery Clubs to the stages of the West End of London and Las Vegas!

Recognised Word wide as a Master of Hypnosis, Mesmerism, Mentalism, Metaphysics and beneficial Mind Manipulation; Jonathan Chase has won a national CIU Command Performance Award for fundraising, holds a Doctor of Metaphysics, [ULC] and in a career spanning 4 decades, he has successfully hypnotised tens of thousands of people live on stage, and broadcast to millions via radio presenting ‘Past Lives Live’ and his Youtube Channel. 

Best selling author about all things subconscious, he knows a lot about minds and resilience, presence and influence; and if you meet him he’ll be showing you how to use your SubSkills; the little things you do to get what you want…
On Ecademy in 2005 he was called the Gordon Ramsay of Hypnotists and in ’89 The Stage & Television Today dubbed him the ‘DreamPilot


The easiest way to beneficially influence is to Discover Hypnosis and its allied Arts

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