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CLARITY OF THOUGHT to SUSTAIN Success with less stress

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Hey, it's Jonathan Chase,

Even the most successful people can misplace the mojo and drive. We can get to the place where the excitement goes or it’s hard to find; Success can lead to stress, even to the point of burnout. 

My aim is to help you get more from your life, professionally and privately, without the stress.

Thing is we all can remember the best day we had, and that CAN be the most common day in your future with better, clearer thinking and influence skill improvement.

I came from a coal mining background, was a roadie, nurse, and a semi-professional patient thanks to my Muscular Dystrophy.

Becoming an award winning hypnotist and mentalist, best selling author, Non-Executive Director, and brain trainer of thousands over the last four decades, I have experience in helping successful people like you find your lost Mojo, build your legacy and enhance your skills to make an even bigger impact; whatever game you’re playing.



Online Presence

From a quick Critique of your current content, right through to brain storming a new creative campaign, brand or persona, my 30 years of online experience and strategising, 1.4 million YouTube viewers, 10s of thousands social followers, podcast production and guesting; is at your disposal.

PROJECT Consults

Worked on specific one off projects, events, presentations, exhibitions covering many industries, the arts, even sports. We bring strategies to fine tune established approaches and empower performance and passion. Working individually or in C-Suite or team situations to boost bottom line creativity and communication.

Pro-Suasion skills

Everything is a presentation. A phone call, team meeting, exhibitions, Podcast, Radio, TV Interviews. Every connection with your followers, family and friends. Let me direct you, acting as your Subconscious Spielberg to notice what you can't and give you the skills to shine.

Legacy Building

With my Book Creating and Publisher partner we provide the platform and strategy to create what we've branded as ABLE - A Better Lifestyle Enterprise. Our foundation focusing brings your book, brand, bedrock to the front and make sure you feel and look like the confident authority your life and work deserves.

MindSTYLE coaching

Studies show that psychological traits and tendencies that govern our Subconscious emotive behaviours and responses, up to 50% in most cases, come 'hard-wired' at birth within our DNA. We call these your MindSTYLE, Subconscious Talents You Leverage Easily, and have developed our own unique psychometric assessment and coaching approaches to help you supercharge your self awareness and reduce your stress.


I am NOT a therapist, and in most cases you won't need one, because in most cases you're not sick or broken.. Mind Coaching benefits from removal of unproductive old mind patterns and mind style stress spots, you're not sick or broken you're more likely stuck and bored. A one off intervention can go a long way to helping you drop baggage, remove fears, address unproductive behaviours. Face to face or remotely via video conferencing around 90 minutes.


World Renowned Award Winning Hypnotist Mentalist, 
Best Selling Author of Subconscious Skills Success, 
Creator of the mindSTYLEapp psychometric technology. 
co-Host of the Success Chat Edutainment podcast

Although disability is not the focus of Jon’s speaking the inspiration this ‘Free parking strategy’ engenders always happens.

“I see the art of being a Keynote Speaker or Podcast Guest is to support the organiser and host on our responsibility to entertain and educate the audience. 
I believe using humour and the ‘Dopamine Factor’ is vital in this…
I also believe the Secret of Success is Subconscious Skills – the little stuff we do to get what we want . . .
And asking the most motivating question of all – HOW DO WE MAKE IT FUN?” Jonathan Chase

Preferred Talking Topics:
Sustaining Success
Commanding Confidence
Influence and Pro-suasion!

work with me To Influence

READY to make BIG


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