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Jonathan CHASE Hypnotist

Over 30 years experience in Hypnosis and it’s allied arts of NLP, Mentalism, Mesmerism and Metaphysics. 

Passionate in empowering success orientated people. 

My target is helping you to subconsciously succeed. 

I’m an award winning, best selling; Coach, Hypnotist, Author, Speaker, EDUTAINER and my philosophy is that:

“Life shouldn’t be a battle to be fought. LIFE is an experience to be enhanced!”

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"Your Mind In Safe Hands"
Central ITV

"Britain's Leading Performance Hypnotist
Mail on Sunday

"Master Hypnotist"
Sunday Times Magazine


Watch Jonathan work remotely with ‘Sweden’s Got Talent‘ Golden Buzzer winner Dan Ahtola

"I was very good at what I do anyway, but Jonathan and Jane gave me skills that have made me better. Jonathan Chase is the best teacher in the world of what he does."
"He's improved my confidence in all areas. Working with Jonathan isn't for the faint hearted, he's really honest with you. My only regret is not doing it sooner "
"Jon is a funny and inspirational podcast guest teaching how we should spend a lot more time in our minds and be in harmony with our subconscious "
“Success leaves clues. When you want to be spectacular, look for someone who is spectacular at what they do and get them to mentor you.”
"I thought I knew a little about public speaking/presenting, that was until I met Jonathan!! However good you think you are, he will make you better."
“What a weekend! Never laughed so hard or learned so much, about the subconscious mind...”
“When you first meet Jonathan, he immediately has that 'x' factor presence! He helped me find my voice, and continues to help. I would recommend him without reserve.”

Andrew Elliot

Dan Lok closer, Australia, Exploration call experience – MindSTYLE mentoring

"To constantly be at the top of your profession calls for a focused responsive open mind. Jon will help you reach that point."