Your secret of Subconscious Skills Success is asking the simple question,
"Will it be FUN?"

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“Britain’s Leading Hypnotist” Mail on Sunday


Hi it’s Jonathan!

I’d love to tell you what we do with our Entrepreneurial Expert, Executive and Leadership talks, events and clients. Thing is that no two have ever been exactly the same.

I’m sort of like a subconscious Spielberg. I help you get the best from your brain and deliver that in your Consultations, Networking, Negotiations, Selling, Speaking and Training. 

I work to a strategy not a script so the Best Way to Experience how we work, and how it will work for you, is to experience it. 

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We run these free and amazingly instructive 90 minute online events, every month, to teach you the Business WELL and Profit Pyramid models we use to strategise our own Legacy Lifestyle Business, and, we answer your questions on how to use this to boost your business and transform your lifestyle.

In 1965, at the age of 10, a Staffordshire coalminers son sat in the third row of the London Palladium stalls with his musical mad, home hairdresser Mum, and caught Showbiz.

Coupled with his then ambition to become a Methodist Minister – he thought they only worked a 1 day week – he started on a 3 decade success journey that would take him to the stages of the West End of London and Las Vegas!

Now a World renown Hypnotic Personal Performance Evangelist, he’s motivated by inspiring you to find your secret of Subconscious Skills Success now; and claim the life you choose.

nothing informs better than feedback FROM ACTUAL EXPERIENCE!

Working with my publishing partner Janer Bregazzi, we bring to the table over 60 years of eclectic experience, to help you become more engaging and effective. And you shouldn’t just take our word on that… read the unsolicited referrals below – there’s loads more on our linked in profiles, to get a flavour of what you’ll get from our guidance and advice…

"I thought I knew a little about public speaking/presenting, that was until I met Jonathan!! With his partner Jane, he watched, recorded me and the audience, analysed and then they spent 2 days honing my skills. He knocked off the rough edges and made the invisible visible. He is simply the finest resource I have ever come across and I would suggest to any budding speaker/presenter that if you want to be truly effective and engaging, this guys training is a must. However good you think you are, he will make you better."
Darren Laverty
Financial Advisor and Investment Guru Partner Second-Sight and Foster Denovo financial planning.
“When you first meet Jonathan, he immediately has that Xfactor presence! Its not hard to like someone so impressive but his work ethic and the sheer volume of his work is impressive. Jonathan is a natural leader and teacher, he helped me immensely to find the right voice and has continued to advice me from the font of his great knowledge. He’s not just a hypnotist this would be to limit a man that is a teacher, entrepreneur, stage performer, Speaker of great ease and skill, Coach, Writer, leader. I would recommend him without reserve.”
Althea Grant
Les Brown Platinum level International Speaker-Coach - Author
"Jon is a straight up bloke... he shares how we should enjoy the benefits of working with high ticket clients. They value what your offer is, and you also need a lot less of them to build a dream life. How a business is all about focus. Get the focus right and your business will lead to the ultimate sophistication... perfect simplicity. And how humans are the only creators on the planet, due to the power of their imagination. We should spend a lot more time in our minds and be in harmony with our subconscious!"
David Ralph
Sexy Host of the #1 Business Motivational Podcast 'Join Up Dots' and author of 'Podcasters Mastery'
If someone had said to me two years ago that I would be not only working with Jonathan Chase, but inviting him to dinner, attending various trainings, and becoming firm friends with him and his business partner Jane, I would not have believed it. I have progressed from one of Jonathan's fledgling trainees to working in partnership with him, something I don't undertake lightly. Jonathan's fantasmagorical and eclectic style has drawn me in, educated me and sent me out with more confidence and expertise. Jonathan has so much to offer, whether it's a book publication, hypnosis or business training, mentalism (my favourite part), or tales of his varied and illustrious career. It's all completely absorbing. If you haven't trained, worked with or consulted Jonathan yet, you should!
Kate Guest
Wellbeing Coach/Trainer/ Speaker Mental Health Trainer *Youth Mentor* Professional Hypnotist
To constantly be at the top of your profession calls for a focused responsive open mind. Jon and Jane will not only help you reach that point, they will teach you how to develop your mind to maintain the equilibrium between creativity, innovation and focus.
Michael Barnes
Business Development Consultant at Retail Decisions
Jonathan Chase hypnotist Speaker and Media one sheet

Need a fun and fascinating INSPIRING speaker or guest?

“Jonathan Chase’s inspiring, resilient story and pragmatic approach to Stress, Comfort Zones, Influence, Personal Performance, Professional Development, and living in a Wheelchair, is Maverick, Candid, Funny, No Holds Barred, and if you question what he says about the subconscious… he’ll simply show you how it works.”

Talking Topics...

  • Commanding Confidence
  • Increased Influence
  • Powerful Presence
  • Subconscious Skills
  • Inspired Leadership
  • Success not Stress!
  • & Comedy Football Films Showbiz the Weather Trending stuff,
    and of course CAKE!

If you’re a Personal and Professional Development enthusiast, then this book by subconscious mind expert, Jonathan Chase, reveals how you can use the secrets of your subconscious #SubSkills to master the little things you do to get what you want. 

Expert, Executive, Entrepreneur, Director, Leader, Professional. Consulting, Networking, Negotiating, Selling, Speaking, Training?

Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who has “been there and done that!” Jon Chase used his SubSkills to get from his coal mining background to award winning Edutainer and the Stage of Las Vegas despite Muscular Dystrophy and using a wheelchair. 

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