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Jonathan Chase – Mind STYLE Coaching

Inspirational Motivational Mentalist
Hypnotically Influential Keynote Speaker

*** Start With Mind! ***

Introduction script

Disabled, Depressed, Divorced, Retired and Redundant, our next speaker entered the foetid world of showbiz after being thrown out of nursing for dropping patients due to his worsening neuro-muscular condition, and the fact that he wasn’t actually much good at it.

Despite his best efforts to do nothing, he’s built a World Renowned reputation mis-using the power of the subconscious mind to manipulate and influence unsuspecting victims causing nearly 70,000 people to eat raw smelly onions whilst convinced they were eating fruit. Although he promises no one will be hypnotised today he does promise you’ll be influenced positively.

He is author of the Dastardly ‘Svengali System’ which hides under the title of his not quite best selling book; How To Make Friends With Yourself and Influence People.

At the age of 48 he survived a double heart failure and open heart surgery, unsuccessfully being almost killed by the follow on secondary infection, and is now trying to avoid being recognised as the world’s least Inspirational Speaker by sitting down a lot and doing as little as possible to help enhance your business and lifestyle.”

Haunted by success he wrote, directed and performed in the first ever Arts Council funded ‘Play with hypnosis in it’ titled “The Marvellous Mechanical Mesmerist” premiered to 5 star review at the Edinburgh Fringe 2015.

He calls his unique public speaking approach ‘Edutainment’ and say’s,

“You learn more in the playground than the classroom thanks to the ‘Dopamine Factor’, the neuron-transmitter enzyme produced when you are laughing and enjoying your experience. I try to give people an overdose!”

Get ready to get an overdose of fast, fun and effective, practical Subconscious Techniques Achieving Rewards Today and welcome, Jonathan Chase…

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Jonathan Chase Hypnotist featured by the Mail on Sunday - the Sunday Time Magazine - ITC Central - BBC - the Stage - Metro - Big Issue

“Master Hypnotist”
Sunday Times Magazine 
“Britain’s Leading Hypnotist”
Mail on Sunday
“Your mind in safe hands”
Central ITV

He calls his unique approach ** Edutainment ** and say’s, “You learn more in the playground than the classroom thanks to the ‘Dopamine Factor’, the neuron-transmitter enzyme produced when you experience momentum and rewards. I try to give people an overdose!”

Learn more on his Social Networks or drop us a message if you want to take your business or career to the next level.

Success Strategies [especially with Freelancers]
Subconscious STYLE profiling and application
Momentum Creation
Script writing for speakers and performers
Creative Influence – not really hypnosis – much
Team Building and Bonding – great with groups
Keynotes, Workshops, Weekend break aways, Seminars, Mentoring and coaching

If you Sell, Tell, Teach, Train, Coach, Consult, Write, Speak, Lead or Transform through Art and Performance, I can usually help enhance your communication and influence skills and your self awareness.

Ring +44 1392 314090 and let’s arrange a chat.


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