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How to Make Friends with Yourself and Influence People.

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It’s been my mission for half a century to study the subconscious so I can help you get
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7 Steps to take when you feel Stressed and Stuck – Ground and get Comfortable

STOP STRESS NOW with this bit of Business Mind Coaching!


How fast can you learn?

How fast can you learn? Apparently the 10,000 hours thing is a myth?



Simple success solutions are often FAST. So here’s a quicky – CHANGE YOUR RINGTONE! My Business ringtone is, ‘Money Money Money’ ABBA.



Simple success solutions should be enjoyable. Always remember even Fear can be FUN with the right perspective!



Simple success solutions are driven by Instinctive and Effective thinking. Productive thinking beats Positive thinking hands down.



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“Master Hypnotist”
Sunday Times Magazine 
“Britain’s Leading Hypnotist”
Mail on Sunday
“Your mind in safe hands”
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Living Proof Testimonials

Zoé Clews and Associates & Author. Harley St. London.
“One of the Best things I ever did.”
Todd Newton. Emmy Award Winning Game show & Podcast Host
Success leaves clues – serious hypnosis Starts here!”
Eric Carr. founder Ars Zoetica, and EnerSanctum
“Jon Installed it in me – just happens organically.”

‘X’ Factor presence

“When you first meet Jonathan, he immediately has that ‘x’ factor presence! Its not hard to like someone so impressive but his work ethic and the sheer volume of his work is impressive. Jonathan is a natural leader and teacher, he helped me immensely to find the right voice and has continued to advice me from the font of his great knowledge. He’s not just a hypnotist this would be to limit a man that is a teacher, entrepreneur, stage performer, Speaker of great ease and skill, Coach, Writer, leader …..I would recommend him without reserve.”
 Althea Grant Platinum International Speaker – Author – Coach Family/Children Lawyer – London & West Indies


Kevin Hogan Svengali System with Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist Testimonial“The Svengali System in ‘How to Make Friends with Yourself and Influence People’ takes you into deep hypnotic rapport and then shows you how to do the same thing. Excellent insights into applied influence. I enjoyed it cover to cover and was impressed with the multitude of examples and specific applications.”

 Kevin Hogan, Author of The Science of Influence –

Hypnotic Symbolism

Steve Sheldon on Hypnotic Symbolism Academy Online Tutorial with Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist“Holy shit! I love this symbolism. Yesterday I had a guy come to me about being nervous for an interview. Now I am at work when I am doing this. I sat him down started the process. 10 mins later he was ready to go. An hour later he comes walking down the hallway with the biggest smile on his face. He came in ‘Steve I killed it! It was the best interview I ever had’.”
 Steve Sheldon
Mind Coach and Adult Corporate Trainer – Colorado