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Jonathan Chase – Mind STYLE Coaching

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One of the world’s leading exponents of the Subconscious Mind, Jonathan has built a Global reputation over 4 decades as a leading Stage Hypnotist and World Class Influencer. He spends his productively pleasurable time as an inspirational and comedic social commentator, Speaker and Author. Having walked the boards, (well rolling now in a wheelchair), from the West End of London to the bright lights of Las Vegas, and has earned the accolade in his award winning career as “Britain’s Leading Hypnotist” Mail on Sunday.

A unique Observer he’s gained special insights and observations of how your Mind works during his year’s as a stage hypnotist, developing a workable model for subconscious success, he now gives his Professional clients insights into how they can maximize their Self Awareness and influence with his unique and innovative Mind Style Profiling. . .
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Jonathan Chase Hypnotist featured by the Mail on Sunday - the Sunday Time Magazine - ITC Central - BBC - the Stage - Metro - Big Issue

“Master Hypnotist”
Sunday Times Magazine 
“Britain’s Leading Hypnotist”
Mail on Sunday
“Your mind in safe hands”
Central ITV

He calls his unique approach ** Edutainment ** and say’s, “You learn more in the playground than the classroom thanks to the ‘Dopamine Factor’, the neuron-transmitter enzyme produced when you experience momentum and rewards. I try to give people an overdose!”

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Success Strategies [especially with Freelancers]
Subconscious STYLE profiling and application
Momentum Creation
Script writing for speakers and performers
Creative Influence – not really hypnosis – much
Team Building and Bonding – great with groups
Keynotes, Workshops, Weekend break aways, Seminars, Mentoring and coaching

If you Sell, Tell, Teach, Train, Coach, Consult, Write, Speak, Lead or Transform through Art and Performance, I can usually help enhance your communication and influence skills and your self awareness.

Ring +44 1392 314090 and let’s arrange a chat.