COMING SOON Success? How will You Know?

In this episode of the Hypnotist Radio Show we’re looking at the first question every good coach should ask a client because the answer is actually different for everyone.

“Okay Jon, so success, how will you know?”

“I’ll know when I get FISH. That’s when I’m Fulfilled Inspired Satisfied and Happy

“Jonathan Chase is one of the most successful hypnotists of the 20th century.”

Impressive yes? But if you saw that about you, or me for that matter, what pictures does it bring to mind?

In the space between my ears the picture that pops up is a shelf full of awards, an email box full of ‘Thanks for the memory’ mails and my photo on the front of a Magazine.

I look satisfied as I soak up all the recognition for my effort. I am being interviewed on National TV and maybe visiting the Palace for a gong.

For me, thanks to my showbiz soul, success is all about recognition, fame, respect and applause.

I can see my success. My subconscious knows what it is and can therefore help me do what needs to be done to get what I need to have.

My Mind STYLE subconscious profiling is designed to show business start-up and creative people just like you you what behaviours you need to use to get the most momentum when launching a new venture, project, or you just need to get unstuck. You’ll find it here.

Some people though have little or no idea what success is for them; so they borrow other peoples.

Money, belongings, liberty to have experiences, owning nice stuff. When asked about success that’s the materialistic set the majority of people use the gauge their results.

Love of family and friends, respect of their peers, physical health, these are the emotional states we could, and do, use to judge our results to see if we are being successful.

But the most important things are the emotional patterns that lie underneath all these conscious level ornaments. And that can be described as FISH

That is Fulfilment, Inspiration, Satisfaction which are always going to lead to the one thing we all desire, Happiness.

So I wish you FISH and hope you Know what will catch yours for you. If not have a chat with your subconscious.

See you soon.


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