How not to test if you can visualise.

Jonathan Chase the HypnotistAs a Hypnotist when I’m Coaching lots of people expect me to tell them to ‘visualise’ stuff.

And I do but, I check first to see if they can.

The problem is that while most people can understand at a conscious level that they are ‘seeing’ something with their minds eye, the reality is they are not. At least not seeing in a visual physical sense.

If you are one of those who think they can’t visualise then you can’t. There’s a saying that the mind ‘sees’ not the eyes. This is wrong. The mind interprets but the eyes see, the mind patterns the senses from what the physical information organs gather. But some people can visualise with their eyes shut, and others need their eyes open to imagine and visualise, and others just can’t do it.

I know the NLP thing of, “If you can describe it, you are visualising it and seeing it.” That’s just wrong.

The following experiment is a metaphor to illustrate the point don’t try this at home.

If you are deranged and are determined to discover if your mind can see try closing your eyes in your living room after opening the hall door and making sure that there are no obstructions between you and the opening. Now close your eyes and spin around in either an anti or clockwise direction. Pick only one direction otherwise you could sprain something. Then, just before you fall over or paint the floor a shade of vomit, lower your head and run really fast at the door way…

If you are still conscious, the ornaments are still on the sideboard, you are not wearing the television set or fireplace as a toupee and the wall holding the still open door isn’t dented – then chances are you lucked out and your mind ‘saw’ the open door way and you ran right through it.

That’s a great seeing minds eye you got there, pity it didn’t see the other side of the hallway and you are currently coming back up from the cellar, laying across the front door as a draught excluder or trying to figure out how you get your head out of the banister rails without losing your ears.

So instead of trying to see stuff with your eyes closed you can get the same result by just thinking creatively about something.

Don’t try and see anything but do describe things to yourself.

If one of your goals is say money. Then don’t just think “I want more money”, Think, “I want more green crisp paper freshly printed thousands of notes of all denominations I can spend on loads of stuff. They are heavy, smell fresh and feel warm and smooth.” Imagining detail and visualising are actually the same thing except some people experience the ‘seeing’ and some don’t.

One thing is for sure, if you focus (think a lot about) what you want then you stand a much better chance of getting it.

And everyone can do that.

Smiles JonC

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