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Personal and Business Growth

A word on the idea of continuing human and business “growth”.

It’s often said that without ‘growth’ there is just stagnation and a lack of value. Growth apparently is the way of all things in nature according to most of the  personal development and success gurus and evangelists.

A mighty oak grows to its full size in around 20 years then, apart from replacing the odd bit that drops off, gets attacked or eaten, it stays much the same; mighty, beautiful, remarkable and awe inspiring for several centuries.

To do that of course it has to be in its comfort zone. And its natural comfort zone is where it will only need to grow for 20 years or so and then spend most of the rest of its existence producing fruit, or rather nuts called acorns. It also sustains whole communities of ‘clients’ in the form of insects, birds, animals and other plants. Generation after generation, tribe after tribe and it never needs to get bigger than big enough.

Never once does the oak need to move outside of its Comfort Zone and natural series of ‘behaviours’. Why do we think we should work outside of nature all the time? It’s a myth. What we need to do is find how we do what we do to live our nature and grow, just enough so that we become sustainable.

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