Simple success solutions are driven by Instinctive and Effective thinking.

Productive thinking beats Positive thinking hands down.

Productive thinking is really Instinctive, and it’s your instincts that are your STYLE which tell you HOW to do what you’re doing BEST.

As wheelchair using, disability advocate and speaker Stella Young used to say,

“You can smile all day at a flight of stairs, they won’t turn into a ramp.”

So to be effective think “HOW do we do this?” Not just “We CAN do this.”

One thing disability teaches you very quickly is that there is always another way of thinking, another perspective; always an alternative strategy…

For Me? A wheelchair is freedom of movement and an effective parking strategy.

The BIG thing about Productive Thinking is of course that you can be productive even at the most negatively emotionally charged times.

And you can let your instinct flow even when surrounded by others trying to stop you scoring that goal!

I’d love to hear your one line story on thinking productive and getting a result.

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2 thoughts on “EFFECTIVE”

  1. After using your strategy’s I’ve switched from being a hypnotherapist to a hypnotist. Faster is faster, smarter is smarter and results are results.
    It’s taken a year of relaxing people with little to no results to my very 1st session using your techniques, with success. I’m getting some bad press from colleagues but that’s life in the big city….


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