Simple success solutions are often FAST. So here’s a quicky – CHANGE YOUR RINGTONE!

My Business ringtone is, ‘Money Money Money’ ABBA.

Think of a tune that makes you think of something better than,
“Oh gods, not the bloody phone again!”

You can do this for your Clients, groups, your family, your friends.

Just be very aware of the Mood your mind is in when you hear that music.

It should be either sexy or bring back happy memories, or make you  want to dance…

When you smile, or better yet laugh, well you’re way more likely to succeed if you’re firing your Dopamine Factor.

For instance for my two Boys, this is their tune…

Which of course reminds me who will pick my retirement home!

This will help focus your RAS [Reticular Activation System] every single time your phone tones, every day.

I’d love to hear what you pick, and the single line ‘story’ of why you pick that mood.

Just tell me below in the comments.

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