STOP STRESS NOW with this bit of Business Mind Coaching!

Is the place or the company you are in, or the task you need to complete making you feel upset, scared, wrong?

Maybe you feel hot and sweaty, or cold and shaky, but it isn’t because of your Air con or clothing or an infection?

Maybe you want to do a Usain Bolt for the door, be the Buddha and become one with the wall paper, or disappear under a Potterish cloak of Invisibility?

Inspired by a friend’s post about grounding… Thanks Vanessa Lindgren – here’s something you can do immediately about this.

First do Not give it a name – don’t diagnose the way you feel as a thing, it isn’t ‘STRESS’, don’t give it that power… it’s just a feeling.

FEAR = Fairly Easily Adjusted Response

You’re just running an unproductive pattern of thought.

It can be changed – without even knowing how it got there or why it’s stuck.

When the stress pattern is changed your belief, behaviour and response change, which changes your physiological symptom, which changes the way you feel.

Chances are you’re very responsive to what you’re about to do because you have this condition – you acquired that thought pattern by the same process you’re bout to use to remove it.

And because this is a two way effect – your emotions brought about the way you feel physically. You can change your emotions by changing your physical state, which is the easier thing to do.

You feel warm because your heart is pumping faster, or cold because your system is redirecting blood to your brain and legs.

This is due to a rush of enzymes and chemicals. These can be changed by grounding.

Here’s 7 things to do to get grounded and feel comfortable.

1: Count your breaths
slow them down to one breath for every count of three.

2: Look for something that is attractive
a colour or shape, it can be any object, or person, it must be away from you and in the place you’re in.

3: Fold your tongue
run your tongue slowly around the back of your teeth and over the roof of your mouth until it’s folded backwards.

4: Whisper your name
mouth closed with your tongue bent back, giggling is good!

5: Touch something pleasant
find something that is cool if you are warm, warm if you are cool.

6: Smell your clothing
just a cuff or shoulder – don’t get too ambitious or gymnastic, you might sprain something.

7: Smile
especially if you don’t feel like it, smile and think of something you’d smile at.

Maybe the stupid feeling you now have of trying to speak mouth closed with your tongue bent back looking at a nice bottle, feeling the cool wooden arm of a chair while smelling your shoulder smiling and breathing slowly… feels different to just a few seconds ago.

That will change your state and give your body mind time to adjust to your environment.

Have a look inside and if you still feel wrong, do it all again.

First couple of times you do this might take two or three goes until you get good at it.

The best times and places to do this is before you do the stressful thing – make the call – enter the office – walk out on the podium or stage – do the interview – write the article or blog – record the podcast. . .

Leave a comment below and let me know how you got on.


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