The question:
Has anyone ever used hypnotherapy to successfully overcome public speaking anxiety?

My answer:
Yes but it actually isn’t necessary.

The anxiety is Caused by the expectation of not doing it easily – be that public speaking, abseiling down the Empire State building or meeting your in-laws.

Anxiety in those cases is just quite natural FEAR or – fairly easily changed attitude.

If you’re ‘worried’ about speaking that needs to change, or rather the way you Think about those feeling need to change but not necessarily the way you feel emotionally or physically, because if you’re shaking a little, heart racing, on edge, then chances are you’re Excited’ not anxious.

And as any real speaker or performer will tell you, that rush of adrenaline and dopamine is what gives the real masters their spark that audiences resonate with.

Trouble I find with ‘speaking’ is often the ridiculous idea, usually shouted by therapists who’ve never done any, is that of everyone being naturally cut out to do so, which denies the individuality of humans and is simply wrong.

However, most people can speak, and if they are doing that naturally as they would to their family or friends, then they are fine. It’s when they try to follow their speaking teachers rules or a set format that they get uncomfortable.

And people outside of their nature or true comfort zone never really get as good at anything, as they could be.

Hope this helps

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  1. this was a really interesting perspective, indeed preferable to telling everyone that they should be super public speakers, or even that so called public speaking is particularly important. what I think I understood here is that the act of “public speaking” has no inherent quality, and whatever we bring to it, talent wise, nerves wise still needs to be “talked to” ourselves, and we can wok on that level to frame an experience waiting to be made resourceful.

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