The Hypnotist shows you How To Catch A Liar

Eye accessing cues in NLP and micro expression and body language are supposed to be able to tell you how people are processing their thoughts.

As the Hypnotist I’ve experimented a lot with this and with what magicians call cold reading, here’s a fast way to catch a liar.

Actually Derren Brown blows the old eye accessing clues apart in his first book. It’s largely unproven rubbish. However what he gives you in place is worth gold. And I’m paraphrasing here.

‘What you need to watch for is Their Pattern’

So how do we set up a human lie detector without using hypnosis or NLP, with just simple observation?

Ask them three questions that they can not lie about, like “Is your hair brown?” “Is it cold today?” etc.

Watch where their eyes go and how they move their eyes, AND their mouth, head and shoulders. If they lie, that pattern, whatever it is for them, will change, even the volume and tone of their voice sometimes changes.

A Hypnotist knows you can even get them to Think it!

I did a variation of that once on Jane but without her speaking.

I said “Just think three things about Saskia – her daughter – and make one of them a lie.”
Then I said, “Think of the first thing”, counted to four. “Think of the second”, counted to four. “Now think of the third.” counted to four.

When I told her it was the second she was amazed.

Between you and I it wasn’t all that amazing because although she held her eyes pretty steady, I told her not to give me any eye accessing cues, so on thinking the second thing she very slightly nodded her head.

Ideo-Motor response

Thing is we do move when we are thinking, usually the eyes, although not necessarily where we’re supposed to move them. So, by telling her not to move her eyes, her Mind replaced that with a much more obvious ideo-motor response or IMR.

Cold Reading

You know, there are loads of books and stuff on my shelves on body language and cold reading that I’ve wasted time and money on, when what it comes down to is; you’ve got to look for the easy stuff.

The stuff that works!

Have a go with this and let me know how you get on.

Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist

This is an Hypnotic Mentalist talking now and call it the Lie Detector in my routines, truth is it’s very simple to learn, you just have to know the principles. After that it’s all presentation.

Want to know how to present mentally and mesmerically?

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