Self Help & Coaching Energy System

Take the secret of how your mind focuses and talks to you, add that to some gentle touching of a few energy points on your face, torso and hands – nothing you can’t do in public – and you have a process to change energy flows that allows you to . . .

  • Balance and restore appropriate energies
  • Create productive unstoppable mindsets
  • Remove emotional blocks

Happiness, health, wealth and emPOWERment are all about the balance and flow of energy. Every thought is a flow of energy which creates or destroys emotions, beliefs, behaviours. And as with any flow your energy, your luck, your fortune can be directed.

When these flows are good you are happy, abundant, powerful and productive. When they are bad or blocked you’re none of the above.

CHiNOSIS is a remarkably simple and effective system for changing the way you are now to the way you want to be to become the person you want to be living the way you deserve to live.

Watch below to see how it was used to clear 35years of social anxiety.

Try the system for yourself or become a coach and use it with your clients.

Go here to get this technique online.




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