Nick Clegg Friday Applause

Nick Clegg Friday Applause

Sir Nicholas William Peter Clegg gets my applause this week.

I KNOW people in the UK will be saying WTF?!!! But. . .

Former leader of a National Political Party, Knight of the Realm, Household name isn’t too shabby a CV. And adding becoming a #FaceBookFace to that this week deserves a mention.

Love or Loath Sir Nick, he’s a great communicator and one hell of a negotiator at subconscious levels. Fact is he got a prime job here. Certainly puts him in more people’s attention streams than most #SuccessSeekers could negotiate.

I mean how many other public relations specialists got the job? Well not the ones going WTF anyway.

And for sure vast majority of the so called political and business Experts, especially those bemoaning and deriding the appointment, didn’t even know this prime position, with probably the most powerful subconscious influencer we’ve ever seen, was even up for grabs.

So in the world of #SubSkills Sir Nick has smashed it this week! Well done.

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