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Emotional Tools of Influence

Hey Jonathan Chase here,

In the manual of my online training of the hypnotic Influence Subconscious Skills, I show you how to utilise the five most influential drives: and because it’s your natural drives you are using to influence, this is an easy and powerful education.


Compliance is the desire to be the same; socially accepted by our peers. It’s one of our biggest drives to be in with the IN crowd, to comply with society, to be part of the gang.

That’s exactly how gangs work. It’s how tribes work. It’s how groups of business people work. Sometimes it’s even how families work, although nowadays that’s not as true. . .  is it?

Actually it’s even more like that now. The desire to be the same, to be socially accepted by peers, is a very strong driving force in our society.

It’s an emotional tool that you can use, because they want to be the same.
Think Clubs, Gangs, Cults…


The desire to win, the desire to feel that you have achieved . . . something. The desire to feel that you’ve got somewhere, you’ve achieved your goal, you’ve become successful.

How can you use achievement? Just make them feel that they’ve won!


The desire to be known. This is certainly a driver of mine!

I have the desire to be known throughout the world as one of the world’s greatest teacher’s of Hypnotic Subconscious Influence.  I think I already am, and lots of other people do (and by making a joke of it by the way, I’m deeply embedding that into your subconscious mind, but don’t worry. Don’t worry about that because your subconscious mind won’t notice, and your conscious mind can’t stop me).


Importance is actually the desire to be of value, to be significant, to feel important.

When I was nursing I worked with a lot of paraplegics and quadriplegics with spinal injuries. When I had really helped somebody achieve something, learn something new, like getting out of the wheelchair on their own or something like that, I would go home with a deep feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. I had a deep feeling of importance and significance. I had been significant in somebody’s life.

I get that a lot in what I do now. I feel of value and significance toward people – and I am because I’m good at what I do!


The desire to receive what one deserves. The desire to get people to say to me, “That was so good. Here’s this.” Getting their token of appreciation, which in our society is usually money, and because I’m so good I get to see quite a bit of that, which is great! That’s fabulous, and I’m really, really grateful for it.

And even though I’m doing this, “I’m so good at what I do I can implant it into your mind”,  I’m doing it blatantly, openly, and you’re even beginning to notice it now because I’m pushing it further in front than I did before, it doesn’t matter, because it’s still working.

It’s still going into your head. And it’s going into your head, and it’s going into your subconscious mind, and it’s going into your special place, and it’s going into your receptacle, and it’s becoming a part of you.

When you think of me, you fire those attachments, you fire those emotions. You have no choice!

You just don’t have any choice. You have no choice. Repetition works so incredibly well!”


This is transcribed from just part of the audio sections of Subconscious Skills Online, Audio and Video 8 week programme.

You are reading here how I speak and how I install the Subconscious Hypnotic Influence Training.

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