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Conversational Hypnosis

I’ve often been asked about how to use covert and conversational hypnosis surreptitiously for Influence and Persuasion without the targets knowledge.

In the Subconscious Skills programme (formerly the Svengali System) I go into the technique in much more detail, but the bottom line is really simple.

Hide it right out front and just do it.

Don’t expect full-blown trance, it’s too much trouble and you don’t need it. Go for a moment of distraction and or fascination which happens best when your targets are talking about emotive things.

Now some people claim if it isn’t trance you are not doing hypnosis it’s NLP.

The fact is that the workable stuff in NLP is hypnosis, that’s where NLP came from in the first place. NLP models hypnosis not the other way around. “Trance” is a by-product of hypnosis not the thing itself and real hypnotists have been using suggestion forever without trance.

In my experience that sort of hypnosis happens all the time. No, not when you are day dreaming or distracted, it’s when your subconscious takes over all together and it can be directed and steered there to the point that you just don’t consciously know it.

Momentous Moments

Creating what I call Momentous Moments, that’s moments when we pick up our beliefs which lead to our behaviours which lead to our perceptions…. creating those moments is very easy with a bit of practice.

You can create this simply by repetitive tapping at a level almost inaudible, or by using questions with a repetitive theme – that’s how advertising works. And then at the right moment pop in the suggestion – which is the true art of hypnosis anyway.

Is it that simple? Yes.

Is it hypnosis? If that’s your intent then yes.

Will it be covert? If they are not a hypnotist they won’t notice.

Will it sell more Coke? Of course it already does!

Is it ethical? Well everyone manipulates and controls, influences and persuades anyway so I guess that’s down to the intent behind how you use these skills.

If you want more of this then go to the Subconscious Skills programme in the hypnoarts training room.

3 Responses

  1. I am studying the svengali system. I am working on the perfect day. I have 2 questions;

    You say it’s better when fun, when the brain is flooded with dopamine, that leads me to believe the perfect day is best written drunk/high. Would this be to my benefit or detriment?

    What if I want more than one thing in the what and where section? Should I do the process twice or write in depth about the perfect day with both?

    1. Hi Brandon, Keep it simple mate. As for dopamine, just be in a good mood, and no, drugs or alcohol never give you a good mood, just the idea of one 😉
      Smiles JonC

    2. And don’t ‘work’ on the Perfect Day. Do just the opposite. Use a pen and paper so no computer distractions, preferably go to a pleasant neutral place, cafe, bench in a park, beach; and just go for it. Write what comes to mind as it comes… should take an hour or so.

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