Our guest today is billed as Britain’s, in fact the UK’s and probably Europe’s number one Business Coaching and Motivation Podcaster.

From a 20 year sojourn in the world of banking and corporate training and speaking he made the leap into becoming the sexy host of the Steve Jobs inspired podcast Join Up Dots, which is actually the inspiration dear listener for this show…

He is an unusual beast who doesn’t own a phone – well not a mobile – and who  has mastered the art of using his time on his terms allowing him to turn off for a whole month, while still turning over an income most people would slaver at.

After over 15 hundred podcasts in five years he is without doubt an expert in the art, which is why Jane and I are probably the most privileged people to have him on OUR show.

He is  the author of the amazingly instructive book – Podcasters Mastery the definitive guide to boosting your celebrity with your Voice – available at all bookshops on or off-line.

He now joins us from his shed at the bottom of his garden in Essex where he hides from his five children and his amazingly patient wife… please welcome the man, the master, David Ralph!

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