Our guest today is a Daytime Emmy Award-winning television personality recognized by viewers worldwide for his amiable hosting style.

His career began as the top-rated radio personality Rik Idol on WKBQ in his hometown of St. Louis. and he went on to powerhouse FM stations KIIS in Los Angeles and WNEW in New York before hosting the syndicated All Nite Cafe.

He then went on to achieve success as a voiceover artist for Bank of America, Coca-Cola, and Nike and the very best podcasts, you’ll get what I mean when you hear him…

He can also be heard on The Price Is Right, Match Game, and Family Feud digital games.

He’s presented Hollywood’s most star-studded events on E! Entertainment Television on the red carpet and one on one interviews with stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jennifer Aniston, who he admits he gave and got a friendly kiss. For an Aniston fan like me I’m soooo jealous!

He has given away more than fifty million dollars, of other people’s money I might add,

in cash and prizes on such shows as Family Game Night, Whammy!, Instant Millionaire, Hollywood Showdown, Monopoly Millionaires’ Club.

I’ve no idea where he found the time but he’s the author of several books, Life In The Bonus Round, named Best Autobiography at the prestigious Beverly Hills Book Awards in 2012. and his second autobiographical piece The Host With The Most: Tales Of A Tattooed Television Personality, which critics called and I quote

“…as colourful as the ink that adorns his skin.”

And he continues his giving money away, this time his own, by donating All proceeds from his books to local and national charities.

When not in front of the camera, on stage, or behind the microphone he  coaches up-and-coming talent through his host training program and serves as a media consultant for executives and experts looking to sharpen their presentation skills.

and we’ll enjoy talking about that and picking his brains when we talk about what he does when no one else is looking.

He is, the proud father of two amazing children, surrogate father for his amazing dogs and he resides in Arizona.

Currently he presents the Host with the Most podcast, and the role he started in Las Vegas and now presents in theatres and arenas across America and Canada fronting the USA’s most popular game show ever The Price Is Right Live! touring stage show.

You know I’ve always wanted to say this… TODD NEWTON… COME ON DOWN!

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