A recipe for Wealthy Thinking

I was once called the gordon Ramsay of Personal Development and Hypnosis, which is great because Gordon Ramsey is something of a hero of mine.

Thanks to physical injury he couldn’t carry on playing professional football so got up and got on as a professional chef. Apart from my role as a professional Entertainer, speaker and coach my only other past job with career potential was nursing, and that was also cut short by a physical condition I have no control over.

That of course led to me discovering my gift for what I do and am now, and actually I’m often surprised by how grateful I find myself for things having turned out the way they have.

The role of a chef and the role of an Edutainer showing people how to change their mindsets and attitudes isn’t all that different in principal. You take the few ingredients the store of life has delivered to your subconscious larder. You figure out how best to use the utensils and equipment your body has kicking around, and these can be very different, and bring the lot together to produce not only sustenance but a satisfying and fulfilling repast.

And just like a wedding breakfast or Sunday lunch, this creates an experience and its the experience we remeber.

Wealth is also like a meal, it isn’t just the one ingredient snack many people are taught it is. Wealth is a full on banquet. Sure the most important base is generous helping of crisp and fresh lightly tossed cash, but that is just the bed to lay the more delicate and delicious portions of the wealth recipe.  True wealth must also include two or three table spoons of enjoyable shared pastimes. Several thickly sliced satisfying acts of selfless charity complement the heady and filling chunk of indulgent pleasure. The trick here of course is balancing the earthiness with something more graceful.

But the thing that pulls all this together to take the whole thing from a mishmash of bits and pieces is the thinking that produces the sauce. And a bad sauce can spoil the experience and flavour of being wealthy and leave a bitter taste which is where sadly most people live.

To think wealthy requires a good dash of realisation that rich people are not evil and wanting and getting stuff isn’t bad wine. I know that particular belief wine is strong and your up-dragging people told you it was wrong to drink it, but you’re not drinking it, you are heating it and reducing it down to get the flavour without the alcoholic guilt which is steamed off.

Next you add some finely chopped generosity and the zest of time shared with the people you are teaching and touching. To get the value you need to give the value and stir slowly.

And now the pudding. To be wealthy you have to produce something, even if that is some more wealth. And when you produce something you are pouring the rich and sweet custard of Experience into the bowl of people who surround you, support you and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

So take the following,

  • Effort
  • Knowledge
  • Generosity
  • Time
  • Pleasure
  • Experience

Mix liberally, garnish with a pinch of gratitude and savour…

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  1. I also think Gordon Ramsey is fantastic and did not know he once played professional football. Many people, myself included, have found their passion in life when health conditions or other problems arose. I do think guilt is attached to wanting things and being rich. I recently shed those feelings and look forward to a future of prosperity.

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