When I say ‘head fix’ it isn’t because you’re broken. You just need your internal house refurbished and renewed. Think of keeping your mind in the game, rather than just repair.

I had to have the doors widened in my house a while ago. My new wheelchair was two inches wider and measured to fit both me and my condition. I needed the doors widening not because my new chair wouldn’t have fitted but because it made me more comfortable and that is the ultimate success for me, being comfortable, not just body but mind as well.

My house wasn’t broken, just not suitable anymore. It wasn’t broken and, it wasn’t sick.

Most people suffer more from being told they are in some way sick, broken, not working right, and it’s that they suffer from, more than they do from the symptoms of being a person.

You’re often told that anger, fear, sadness and habit are bad, and that is just wrong. They are as important as joy, peace, and of course being comfortable.

You have all of these experiences because that is how we work. It’s not inappropriate to be furious now and then, or to be terrified, or frustrated or confused or so heart broken you want to just go to bed. Or all of those at once. They are perfectly natural and the way you and I, and everyone else is designed to be.

Mental Illness?

Problem is the big stuff tends to make an impact and build its own rooms, good and bad, and we react to it even when we don’t need to be like that anymore.

Most of what therapists call mental illness, and remember they are therapists so they have to see you as sick otherwise they can’t therapise, most of that is just the remnants of our reactions to our emotions carrying on, because nothing else has actually come along to widen the door or redecorate when the big stuff happens.

I guess that is seen as being sick because the symptoms can look like being attacked by a bug. Everything from rashes to pain and even cancers and life threatening physical stuff can and are a hang over from a big emotion that’s hanging around.

So to fix that we need to get to your emotional person, let’s call them your Mind for want of a better word and to distinguish it from your brain which is just an organ like your heart or liver, we need to get your Mind to understand what it’s doing, and show it how to stop it and how to widen a few doors.

We do that by approaching it as a part of you that is working properly just with the understanding of your emotions, not your intelligence. And then we show it how it can do the stuff it’s doing, but to do that more comfortably.

Some of your subconscious behaviours are hard wired so that you will always react to psychological triggers and stimuli in a predictable way for you, you will run certain patterns over and over that you can do nothing about that cause conflict between your subconscious and conscious mind.

To understand how you will react and how to work with that so that the conflict is controlled, you need to understand what your hardwired behaviour is going to be.

To be more self aware, go along to ProfessionalStress.com and take the MindStyle stress and strength assessment and discover what Your most comfortable way should be.

Then come back here and tell us how you think you become a fixer upper.

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