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I’m seeing so much crap from the therapy world at the moment.

Even hypnowotsits claiming to be able to stop you touching your nose when it itches, or worse cure your cough.

Bloody hell let’s get real guys.

Touching your face isn’t the problem. Touching a surface that’s been directly coughed at or on, or touched by a hand that’s had the same spit shower, is the problem.

So don’t touch with your hand any surfaces you don’t need to and then touch your face without washing your hands.

If you get a virus nothing… especially not hypnosis or essential oils, is going to cure you. Good nutrition will help build your immune system but if you get it, you’ve got it.

Everybody is vulnerable to a coronavirus. Everybody no exceptions.

Just as everybody is vulnerable to stupid panic. Your immune system is way more affected by your mood than anything else and if you’re scared then by God you’re more vulnerable.

I do believe hypnosis and other systems are capable of suppressing symptoms.

That is Not a good idea as the Only way you know how bad you are is by how bad your symptoms are.

Stopping coughing and other automatic response systems won’t stop pneumonia happening and could have the effect of letting it get worse because you MAY not be aware of symptoms getting worse.

Having someone take anxiety away and stopping being a bit careful is also not the most brilliant of ideas; let’s face it you wouldn’t turn off your burglar alarm and leave your windows open would you?

Anxiety could actually help you avoid being ill here. It’s true you stand as much chance being run over but, you wouldn’t sit in the middle of a motorway would you?

If you’re at risk anyway, and I really Know about this one with Muscular Dystrophy and a quadruple heart bypass that’s currently only firing on three cylinders, take extra care.

Here are your Dont’s…

1: Don’t for gods sakes put your trust in a bloody Udemy trained, or week long qualified well meaning ‘expert’. I was in nursing but wouldn’t dream of calling myself anything but well read and observant.

2: Don’t panic, you don’t panic about flu which is way more likely to get ya, but you do take simple care.

3: Don’t touch stuff, and if you can’t avoid that wash. Water and rubbing on its. own is very good, bit of slippy soap helps, even washing up liquid or anything like that, alcohol is better but wash the spit off you wash any virus off.

4: Don’t hug or kiss people you don’t know well, because that’s just bloody odd anyway, and in 20 years time could get you arrested on sexual assault charges. 😀

5: Don’t worry. At this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere there’s a lot of shit in the moist air and people cough a lot and often sneeze. Don’t worry unless it gets really persistent.

Otherwise curl up with Netflix, Amazon Prime, or iPlayer and browse small amounts of food when you need it, not by the time of day. And don’t worry.

Be resilient out there.

Smiles Jonathan Chase

PS: the old idea that your brain can’t process so called negatives like the word Don’t is rubbish. And that’s going to be in the next Cut to the Chase – pop over to and SUBSCRIBE to the blog, vlog or email whichever way you like for us to give you the good stuff.

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