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PRESS: “Jonathan Chase’s NLP approach is often Maverick, Candid, Funny, No Holds Barred, but if you question what he says about the subconscious... he'll simply show you how it works.” Post.

Since the 1980's Jonathan Chase has been helping Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Leaders and Influencers like you at every level to be empowered, to enhance your life experience, and boost your business by improving your communication, presentation and influence skills

He was one of the first SubConscious Mind trainers and innovators to move with applied psychology, neurolinguistics, mentalism, psychic resonance, NLP and hypnosis, and focus outside of therapy, and when you become a subscriber of our boutique firm we begin your success immediately, look after you, and treat you to all sorts of perks 😎

Jonathan Chase DreamPilot on stage in Las Vegas 2013

Chase has spoken at most of Britain's leading exhibition and conference venues and has performed and presented in the show and seminar rooms of Las Vegas.

An Award Winning performing and presenting career spanning four decades, has taken Jonathan from his 1980's days of Wolverhampton's Beacon Radio and Coalminers Clubs, to the stages of London's West End.

He's hypnotised an estimated 70,000 people and fascinated, entertained and educated audiences numbering over 3 million; 1.4 of those on youTube since it started in 2004.

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Author of several extremely popular Amazon best selling hypnosis and self development books.

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He is co-founder with life and business partner Jane Bregazzi of the digital media and event production company HypnoArts™ and Training Director creator at the Academy of Hypnotic Arts ltd

Born at a very early age, he inherited a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy [CMT],  and was told at 19, after after a year undergoing disastrously bad surgery, that he'd never walk again. He ignored this until he became a wheelchair using "Pro-roller" at 48 after a quadruple heart by-pass.

Career Highlights: In '91 he became Britain's first Stage Hypnotist to broadcast a live-on-air comedy impromptu hypnosis show with Wolverhampton's Beacon Radio, on Ian Perry's MidnightLine show, a feat he repeated both with Beacon and at Manchester's Piccadilly Radio with James Stanich.

About Jonathan Chase the Hypnotist
Jon Chase is a disability awareness advocate and advisor; he is happy to help relevant organisations in fundraising and promotion.

This is also the year he received the National 'Command Performance' top fundraising act for the CIU.

Also in the 90's he co-wrote and directed the musical comedy with diversity aware theatre 'Rollers Theatre company' 'See me' which he produced at the Prince of Wales theatre.

More recently in 2013 he presented his DreamPilot show at the inaugural HypnoThoughts Live convention in the Orleans Casino Showroom, Las Vegas; following that with his 'Being the Hypnotist' presentation.

In 2015 with Jane Bregazzi, wrote, directed, produced a 'steampunk' comedy play "the Marvellous Mechanical Mesmerist" with hypnotised members of the audience as characters.

The piece got 5 star review at it's Edinburgh Fringe premier and is the first and only 'Stage Hypnosis' production to have received funding from the Arts Council.

Jonathan lives near the English Riviera in Devon with his partner in Life, Business and crime the lovely Jane Bregazzi.

He has two sons Ben and James who live in Staffordshire and a granddaughter.

He supports Wolverhampton Wanderers, reads Tarot, and loves social networking putting the world to rights.