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Education and Entertainment the way it should be: fast, fun, effective Edutainment, delivered as simply as possible. Designed to compliment our events, get the most from your time and keep going long after you leave!


Powerful best-selling self help guides from ALL of our Author Experts, take you from brand-leading techniques and know how using digital media online tutorials, through to your very own inspirational life changing experiences.


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Maximum Ability

Anywhere Any Time HypnoSongs

Originally Wide Awake Hypnosis. Jonathan chase the hypnotist presents a bleeding edge technique in self help hypnosis and seductive Auto-Suggestion. Play the introduction video to discover how to be Confident, think Wealthy, be Fit, be Chilled, be Clean from substances, be free from Fear, be creative, be Decisive, be a Winner, even be more Sensuous.

START with MIND Profiling

Discover your Subconscious STYLE; Subconscious Talents [tendencies] You Leverage Easily.

Use the knowledge of how your mind is hardwired to Start every venture and project from your strongest behaviours. Understand yourself, your clients, your teams, colleagues, friends even your family better than you ever thought possible. This is the world’s only seriously simple psychometric tool designed to focus on the subconscious.


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Practical, well designed & packed with useful Free tools, Hypnosis Songs, videos & information, which equals Fantastic value. Great to have such easy access to such an empowering resource. Exactly what I was looking for.. Well Pleased!
Hypnoarts rating
Victor King
Google Play
Handy App to get regular easy access to Jonathan Chase and his inspiring work. The media is good and the links to HypnoArtsBooks and books free content make it easy to find what you need.
Hypnoarts rating
Leaky Wellie
iTunes App Store
Great app! Love the free self hypnosis tracks that can be played anywhere. The subconscious profiling is simple to understand and got great benefits from it.

Hypnoarts rating
Stephen Sheldon
Google Play

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  • Using the app tools HR, Team Leaders, Coaches, Consults, Personal Trainers can add practical psychological technologies to your toolbox.