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Jonathan Chase was The Hypnotist - His Wisdom and Advice lives on

A recipe for wealthy thinking Jonathan Chase Hypnotist

A recipe for Wealthy Thinking

I was once called the Gordon Ramsey of Hypnotists. I’d like to think that was because of my passion for elegant simplicity and adding value to my clients lives, although I fear it may be because when I get passionate I do have a tendency to swear a little… well okay, a lot…


Personal Branding?

Please read this aloud in a soft inquisitive voice with a cup of tea. I get the personal branding idea, but… Look just be who

How Fast can you learn Jonathan Chase the hypnotist #subconsciousskills

How fast can you learn?

How fast can you learn? Apparently the 10,000 hours thing is a myth? I think if you’re learning through conscious education , like we did

Influence-persuasion Jonathan Chase Hypnotist #subskills

Persuasion or Influence?

Persuasion and Influence. You nearly always see these two together don’t you? I use them together because thanks to usage what they actually mean is lost behind what people think they mean.

The truth is that one is usually hard work and the other – well the other just happens.


How do you catch a liar?

The Hypnotist shows you How To Catch A Liar Eye accessing cues in NLP and micro expression and body language are supposed to be able


Fait Accompli – Influence Intent

Influencer – Intention – Fait Accompli Before presupposition the French had a term which pre-dates the NLP favourite ‘presupposition‘ by about a hundred years, Fait

Where's Your Audience Jonathan Chase Hypnotist #subskills

Where’s your Audience

  Had a message from – LinkedIn Profile = ” a Professional Life and Business Coach and Public Keynote Speaker.” Them: “Can you help me

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