the hypnotist dreampilot

Jonathan Chase is not a Hypnotherapist, nor does he offer what could be considered clinical, therapeutic or healing services regardless of whether these appear to happen or not.

Working alongside his life and business partner Jane Bregazzi, Jonathan specialises in acting as a professional and causative performance catalyst, accountability contact, and supporter in your Personal Performance and / or Professional Development mind training; which he thinks of as a Full Lifestyle approach.

He also works with individuals, business and life partnerships, small and large teams.

In most circumstances this requires significant self actualised lifestyle changes and will inevitably include the readjustment of mindsets, beliefs and behaviours or even peer groups, for you the mentored Client, or your team.

Jonathan will use and teach, entirely at his own discretion, any or all of his fast, fun, highly effective and often self developed intervention techniques, including but not exclusively, that of Mind STYLE Profiling, Hypnotic issue resolution and Chinosis energy psychology.

Jonathan’s style is dynamic and direct. It is not a passive life coaching or business coaching approach and requires significant input and action from you.

Jonathan does not advise at a professional level on medical or financial matters, and is not, nor has he ever claimed to be ‘qualified’ at any university or academic level, although he was formally a State Enrolled Nurse in the UK, he does hold an Honorary Doctor of Metaphysics from ULC., is a Certified Master Hypnotist, ( C.M.T., UK ) a Master of Mind Integration Therapy, ( M.M.I.T., USA ).

Co-founder of SubSkills Training ltd, he is a former Member of the Guild of Hypnotist Examiners in the UK and Europe, he has attended many other classes in NLP, CBT, Training, Speaking, Authorship, and even Comedy and Drama to name but a few. Best selling author of some 5 books, hundreds of articles and blogs and broadcaster and edutainer to over 3 million people. However, These are proof only of his decades of study, standing and knowledge in what is an ‘alternative’ and still lay Industry.

About CHASE Coach Hypnotist Author Speaker Edutainer

Jonathan Chase is a world leading Subconscious Communications Expert and Observer.

He says CHASE stands for Coach Hypnotist Author Speaker Edutainer

World renown Award Winning Edutainer Jonathan has performed, presented, studied and shown others how to use the amazing art of hypnosis since leaving nursing in the early 1980’s.

There isn’t a type of venue stage or podium the “Dream Pilot” hasn’t been in his comfort zone on from the West End of London to the Showroom and Conference stage of Las Vegas.

To date he has hypnotised around 70,000 people and influenced the minds and lives of millions through his Books, Audio and Video Programmes and his KISS – Keep it Simple and Straightforward – approaches and techniques.

He rose to fame in the Midlands Clubs and Miners Welfare’s in the 1980’s.

In 1999 he Authored his first book on hypnosis, specifically stage hypnosis, and has been constantly in the top three Amazon books in the genre for well over a decade. He has been called, “Britain’s Leading Performing Hypnotist,” Mail on Sunday, “Master Hypnotist”, Sunday Times magazine and “The Dream Pilot”, by the Stage.

His study and experimentation with the Psychology of our inner mind began when he discovered the power of the subconscious, and his abilities in influencing it, at the age of 19 whilst spending a year in hospital having operations for CMT, [Charcot Marie Tooth hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy], and being told he would never walk properly again.

It took another 40 years before he needed to use a wheelchair, and he shudders at the parking fines he could have missed if he hadn’t been so stubborn.

Now he has a “Free parking strategy.”

He lives in Devon with his partner Jane Bregazzi, Still writes for the stage as well as the hypnosis community, is a professional Public Motivational and Inspirational Speaker and Seminar leader. He Mentors and teaches art of , is a grandfather, and spends way too much time on the internet enjoying himself working.

He loves show-biz, movies, reading fantasy, SteamPunk, watching football, mentoring, motivating and coaching people to find the things we all crave above all else, FISH; Fulfilment, Inspiration, Satisfaction and Happiness.

As The Hypnotist Coach he is considered by many as a Maverick and has been called; Opinionated, Clever, Generous, Genius, Sensei and “the Gordon Ramsay of hypnosis.” He likes all of them.