Hypnotism at its Core is About Pretending

Hypnosis is about pretending hypnotist jonathan chase #subskills

Is Hypnotism really about pretending?

Let me explain, if your legs won’t move or your arm is stuck, it is due to pretending, I’ll tell you why.

Something you may not realise if you’re looking to learn hypnosis is that Hypnotism is about using your imagination, and it’s your imagination that creates a new reality.

Hypnosis is also about manipulating one’s reality, something our imagination has the remarkable capability of doing, and everything that we experience in the world is due to our imagination, because we perceive the world on a subconscious level.

If you have ever had a phobia cured by hypnosis for instance here is what you may have learned. A phobia is not triggered by what is happening to you, it is simply something triggered by your imagination. Whether you have panic attacks or extreme fits of anxiety, these things are caused by what you believe.

It’s your imagination that dictates these feelings you are having.

When you learn hypnosis, you may find out all kinds of new phrases and terminology.  You may learn hypnosis, NLP, meta models, embedded beliefs or even emotional patterns. However, what it all boils down to is that these things are taking place in your imagination.

Now what about hallucination? As it turns out hallucination can be either very good or very bad.  But the bottom line is that hallucination is about imagination and make-believe… pretending.

A while ago now I hosted the Hypnotist Radio show and will be doing again soon. Someone, in one Sunday episode, was talking in our chat room about how he used to feel that he had never been hypnotised, he just followed along and pretended that it was working. However, the hypnosis actually started to really happen and become real to him!

As my co-host at the time Reg Blackwood, used to say  “Hypnosis happens when you focus so well and imagine something so vividly that it becomes real to you.” I definitely agree with this statement.

Additionally, you could replace the word “hypnosis” with “belief” and “imagine” with “pretend.”  Belief happens when you focus so well and pretend something so vividly that it becomes real to you.”

A person who is hypnotised is always going to be the best at pretending.

Pretending will become his or her reality.

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Going Underground

subconscious skills going underground jonathan chase covert conversational hypnosis

Conversational Hypnosis

I’ve often been asked about how to use covert and conversational hypnosis surreptitiously for Influence and Persuasion without the targets knowledge.

In the Subconscious Skills programme (formerly the Svengali System) I go into the technique in much more detail, but the bottom line is really simple.

Hide it right out front and just do it.

Don’t expect full-blown trance, it’s too much trouble and you don’t need it. Go for a moment of distraction and or fascination which happens best when your targets are talking about emotive things.

Now some people claim if it isn’t trance you are not doing hypnosis it’s NLP.

The fact is that the workable stuff in NLP is hypnosis, that’s where NLP came from in the first place. NLP models hypnosis not the other way around. “Trance” is a by-product of hypnosis not the thing itself and real hypnotists have been using suggestion forever without trance.

In my experience that sort of hypnosis happens all the time. No, not when you are day dreaming or distracted, it’s when your subconscious takes over all together and it can be directed and steered there to the point that you just don’t consciously know it.

Momentous Moments

Creating what I call Momentous Moments, that’s moments when we pick up our beliefs which lead to our behaviours which lead to our perceptions…. creating those moments is very easy with a bit of practice.

You can create this simply by repetitive tapping at a level almost inaudible, or by using questions with a repetitive theme – that’s how advertising works. And then at the right moment pop in the suggestion – which is the true art of hypnosis anyway.

Is it that simple? Yes.

Is it hypnosis? If that’s your intent then yes.

Will it be covert? If they are not a hypnotist they won’t notice.

Will it sell more Coke? Of course it already does!

Is it ethical? Well everyone manipulates and controls, influences and persuades anyway so I guess that’s down to the intent behind how you use these skills.

If you want more of this then go to the Subconscious Skills programme in the hypnoarts training room.

5 Emotional Tools of Influence

5 emotional tools of influence Jonathan Chase the hypnotist

Emotional Tools of Influence

Hey Jonathan Chase here,

In the manual of my online training of the hypnotic Influence Subconscious Skills, I show you how to utilise the five most influential drives: and because it’s your natural drives you are using to influence, this is an easy and powerful education.


Compliance is the desire to be the same; socially accepted by our peers. It’s one of our biggest drives to be in with the IN crowd, to comply with society, to be part of the gang.

That’s exactly how gangs work. It’s how tribes work. It’s how groups of business people work. Sometimes it’s even how families work, although nowadays that’s not as true. . .  is it?

Actually it’s even more like that now. The desire to be the same, to be socially accepted by peers, is a very strong driving force in our society.

It’s an emotional tool that you can use, because they want to be the same.
Think Clubs, Gangs, Cults…


The desire to win, the desire to feel that you have achieved . . . something. The desire to feel that you’ve got somewhere, you’ve achieved your goal, you’ve become successful.

How can you use achievement? Just make them feel that they’ve won!


The desire to be known. This is certainly a driver of mine!

I have the desire to be known throughout the world as one of the world’s greatest teacher’s of Hypnotic Subconscious Influence.  I think I already am, and lots of other people do (and by making a joke of it by the way, I’m deeply embedding that into your subconscious mind, but don’t worry. Don’t worry about that because your subconscious mind won’t notice, and your conscious mind can’t stop me).


Importance is actually the desire to be of value, to be significant, to feel important.

When I was nursing I worked with a lot of paraplegics and quadriplegics with spinal injuries. When I had really helped somebody achieve something, learn something new, like getting out of the wheelchair on their own or something like that, I would go home with a deep feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. I had a deep feeling of importance and significance. I had been significant in somebody’s life.

I get that a lot in what I do now. I feel of value and significance toward people – and I am because I’m good at what I do!


The desire to receive what one deserves. The desire to get people to say to me, “That was so good. Here’s this.” Getting their token of appreciation, which in our society is usually money, and because I’m so good I get to see quite a bit of that, which is great! That’s fabulous, and I’m really, really grateful for it.

And even though I’m doing this, “I’m so good at what I do I can implant it into your mind”,  I’m doing it blatantly, openly, and you’re even beginning to notice it now because I’m pushing it further in front than I did before, it doesn’t matter, because it’s still working.

It’s still going into your head. And it’s going into your head, and it’s going into your subconscious mind, and it’s going into your special place, and it’s going into your receptacle, and it’s becoming a part of you.

When you think of me, you fire those attachments, you fire those emotions. You have no choice!

You just don’t have any choice. You have no choice. Repetition works so incredibly well!”


This is transcribed from just part of the audio sections of Subconscious Skills Online, Audio and Video 8 week programme.

You are reading here how I speak and how I install the Subconscious Hypnotic Influence Training.

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