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Professionals just like you, in high stress, high concentration, high performance Leadership environments, need to perform at their peak.

We believe you have to have Presence and use your subconscious skills to gain confidence, build your Professional Presence and gift others what they need, so you get what you want.

We teach Communication Secrets behind how conversational and covert Hypnosis, NLP, Mesmerism, Mentalism, and Metaphysics work for you to Influence.

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Hypnotism at its Core is About Pretending

Hypnosis is about pretending hypnotist jonathan chase #subskills

Is Hypnotism really about pretending?

Let me explain, if your legs won’t move or your arm is stuck, it is due to pretending, I’ll tell you why.

Something you may not realise if you’re looking to learn hypnosis is that Hypnotism is about using your imagination, and it’s your imagination that creates a new reality.

Hypnosis is also about manipulating one’s reality, something our imagination has the remarkable capability of doing, and everything that we experience in the world is due to our imagination, because we perceive the world on a subconscious level.

If you have ever had a phobia cured by hypnosis for instance here is what you may have learned. A phobia is not triggered by what is happening to you, it is simply something triggered by your imagination. Whether you have panic attacks or extreme fits of anxiety, these things are caused by what you believe.

It’s your imagination that dictates these feelings you are having.

When you learn hypnosis, you may find out all kinds of new phrases and terminology.  You may learn hypnosis, NLP, meta models, embedded beliefs or even emotional patterns. However, what it all boils down to is that these things are taking place in your imagination.

Now what about hallucination? As it turns out hallucination can be either very good or very bad.  But the bottom line is that hallucination is about imagination and make-believe… pretending.

A while ago now I hosted the Hypnotist Radio show and will be doing again soon. Someone, in one Sunday episode, was talking in our chat room about how he used to feel that he had never been hypnotised, he just followed along and pretended that it was working. However, the hypnosis actually started to really happen and become real to him!

As my co-host at the time Reg Blackwood, used to say  “Hypnosis happens when you focus so well and imagine something so vividly that it becomes real to you.” I definitely agree with this statement.

Additionally, you could replace the word “hypnosis” with “belief” and “imagine” with “pretend.”  Belief happens when you focus so well and pretend something so vividly that it becomes real to you.”

A person who is hypnotised is always going to be the best at pretending.

Pretending will become his or her reality.

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Are we Aware of our Subconscious?


Jonathan Chase answers questions on Quora

Q: Do you think one of the things stopping people from being better, is being unaware of their subconscious, and if so why?

A: You are very Aware of your subconscious process, at least of the results of it. And you can understand that process better and use it.

I prefer to use the words Brain and Mind when thinking of the two major thinking and responding processes.

Although I also like the terms Imagination and Intellect which Emile Coué used in his 1921 book ‘Self-Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion’.

With the emotional maturity of a pre-pubescent person – roughly 9 to ten years old, it’s best to think of the Subconscious as something to deliberately, [consciously] collaborate with, rather than control.

Of course that isn’t actually what’s happening, not neurologically anyway. But it’s a good model to use and seems to work best in real world situations.

Jonathan Chase – Hypnotist

Your subconscious is wired to respond

You can, using psychometrics, get a handle on how your subconscious is wired to respond, and then predict to a degree likely behaviours and tendencies, what we call Talents.

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Finding Your Flow

finding your zone subconscious skills jonathan chase the hypnotist

In personal development and corporate leadership…

… we have been told that to achieve greater success we must, “Step outside our comfort zone”, to obtain any real change and be at our most productive. We believe the opposite is true.

People are often stressed and uncomfortable and achieve less than they could when operating outside of their Comfort Zone. In fact most people are in their discomfort zone and haven’t found where they are most comfortable and excited. But it does need a radical step to turn this kind of thinking on its head.

It took a Hypnotist

Developed created and founded by Jonathan ChaseBritain’s leading hypnotist” an author with several bestselling books and an award winning worldwide reputation has made a breakthrough and given a new take on the comfort zone principle, which helps you discover where you work best, where you will be most suited and most comfortable and how to work in areas where you will thrive.

With over 30 years of studying the way people’s subconscious minds work, Jon realised that people perform best when they are most at ease, and not when they are in any way stressed or anxious.

Sports people have always known this

Sports people realised this a long time ago, they call it flow or being in the zone. No sportsman performs at his best when his life is in turmoil. We understand this, yet we expect our business men and women to perform in places of personal stress and discomfort every day and still give their best.

“A lot of people complete tasks the way they are told to. Successful people do things the way they feel right doing it and do them that way all the time.” – Jonathan Chase

After years in personal development Jon realised that nearly every profiling method out there is missing something, a huge point, that if we could change our essential nature wouldn’t we have done so already?

If simply stealing ourselves and being uncomfortable for a short space of time was the real answer then surely everyone would have done so by now and all the guru’s and testing would be useless. Except most systems, only work for 20% of any audience that listens. Jon asked Why?

The 80-20 rule

Any one system will only appeal to 20% because, for them, it is their comfort zone to follow the particular concept that gets the thing going. For the remaining 80% it is too far out of reach for their subconscious and after a short time they will revert to what is comfortable.

In most cases, this is what they were doing before, not necessarily because they were comfortable, but because they don’t have anything better to choose to do. Or as Jonathan puts it doing what they could do and not what they should do.

To read more about why this is the case and why we can stop the stress resulting from feeling bored, blocked or just unproductive, go to the MindSTYLEapp and take our quick and easy test for yourself!

How does this help?

What the test shows is where you are naturally hardwired and why you make the same mistakes time and time again, it points you towards your subconscious Stress Points.

Stress kills Profit, Pleasure and People.

Often burnout creeps up on you without you even knowing or realising you’re stressed, but know where your subconscious Stress Points are and you can harness the stress you can’t avoid and control the stress you can.

This knowledge is a revelation to some after years of failing to model successfully, as NLP will tell you to do.

Understanding that it isn’t your nature to necessarily ‘Take massive action‘ as Tony Robbins will tell you to do, to transform your life. But that you’d be better following Bob Proctor for instance, who says you must ‘Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time.

It can be a huge relief to realise why you have such difficulty in setting and sticking to goals, or why you need to research and review everything before making critical decisions, and critically why taking action is often careless and leads to nothing, time and time again.

Take the MindSTYLE Stress Test

Jonathan for the last 10 years has used his Mind STYLE psychometric test to help him know how to discuss his clients sticking points, from how they will react to his suggestions and the language he might use to talk to them, to whether they will stick to and follow his guidance.

Sometimes the direction to take is not always clear, and needs a sensitive and informed outside source.

If you need help to unravel your Mind STYLE results and control your Professional Stress, the test will give you a clear understanding, focus and strategy of how to take those next vital steps.

Find out now take the Test Today

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How fast can you learn?

How Fast can you learn Jonathan Chase the hypnotist #subconsciousskills

How fast can you learn?

Apparently the 10,000 hours thing is a myth?

I think if you’re learning through conscious education , like we did at school, the 10,000 hour thing is most likely true for most people.

The neocortex slows learning down.

Shove it straight into the Limbic and muscle memory system and it could be 10 hours to competence.

Then practice just becomes fine tuning style and honing behaviour.

That’s how hypnosis installed and HAL – Hypnotic accelerated learning – work.

Just the principal we applied to our Video learning experience with HypnosisInstalled