How fast can you learn?

How Fast can you learn Jonathan Chase the hypnotist #subconsciousskills

How fast can you learn?

Apparently the 10,000 hours thing is a myth?

I think if you’re learning through conscious education , like we did at school, the 10,000 hour thing is most likely true for most people.

The neocortex slows learning down.

Shove it straight into the Limbic and muscle memory system and it could be 10 hours to competence.

Then practice just becomes fine tuning style and honing behaviour.

That’s how hypnosis installed and HAL – Hypnotic accelerated learning – work.

Just the principal we applied to our Video learning experience with HypnosisInstalled

Persuasion or Influence?

Influence-persuasion Jonathan Chase Hypnotist #subskills

Persuasion or Influence…

You nearly always see these two together don’t you? I use them together because thanks to usage what they actually mean is lost behind what people think they mean.

The truth is that one is usually hard work and the other – well the other just happens.

Persuasion what does it mean?

Let’s take Persuasion to mean – using reasoned argument and supplying facts to create a change of thinking in the brain of the respondent, the person being persuaded.

The persuader has to convince them that whatever it is they are selling or promoting is the right thing and they need to cajole and urge.

Everything they do is pre-thought and done consciously and with deliberation. Which of course means you have to keep doing it because those persuaded to get what you have will soon lose interest if you stop ‘working’ on them.

To Influence

Influence however is a completely different beast.

People of real influence don’t have to ‘do’ anything. Influential people are just that. They don’t need to persuade because everything they are brings in people ready to accept their stuff and to ask to get more.

True an influential person can steer those who are in their influence but this happens easily and without effort. Yes this often uses persuasive language and facts and such, but it’s done from a position of acceptance rather than one of reticence, so you only need to do it once.

The silly thing is that it’s way harder to become a persuader than an influencer.

To persuade you need to get to as many people as possible and change their minds.

To become influential, you need to focus your Mind and message, and find ways of delivering that with enough energy for those who think like you, to find you.

I talk about the differences between Persuasion or Influence in my latest book ‘Subconscious Skills Success’ available everywhere in hardback, paperback and Kindle versions.


How do you catch a liar?


The Hypnotist shows you How To Catch A Liar

Eye accessing cues in NLP and micro expression and body language are supposed to be able to tell you how people are processing their thoughts.

As the Hypnotist I’ve experimented a lot with this and with what magicians call cold reading, here’s a fast way to catch a liar.

Actually Derren Brown blows the old eye accessing clues apart in his first book. It’s largely unproven rubbish. However what he gives you in place is worth gold. And I’m paraphrasing here.

‘What you need to watch for is Their Pattern’

So how do we set up a human lie detector without using hypnosis or NLP, with just simple observation? Read more How do you catch a liar?

Fait Accompli – Influence Intent


Influencer – Intention – Fait Accompli

Before presupposition the French had a term which pre-dates the NLP favourite ‘presupposition‘ by about a hundred years, Fait Accompli, first appearing around 1845 in a history of a Franco army triumph.

Fait Accompli – means ‘the deed is done’. That roughly means: to suppose that something has already happened.

Creating a reality as if it has already happened, even though it will happen in the future, is what hypnotists have been doing as a matter of course for a few hundred years and what subconscious minds have been doing for ever.

When I was on stage – as a stage hypnotist – one thing I always used to do was wait for my opening music to come on.

It was quite dramatic and it used to say, “Fasten your seatbelts. Extinguish your cigarettes. Open your minds!” (I’m talking here the 90’s when smoking in public places was allowed.)

And while that was going on I would be at the side of the stage with my head bowed and my eyes closed and I would be visualising the audience going absolutely crazy at the end of the show. (A little of this came from Al Koran – Bring Out The Magic Of Your Mind)

I would then go out and act as if that had already occurred.

I Never Failed

In all the years that I was on stage in all the shows that I did, I never failed once to get volunteers on stage.


It never happened because of this presupposition this idea I had, that success had already happened.

Because I just knew that failing to get volunteers could never happen. I had difficult people occasionally who came up on stage and may not have been easy to hypnotise, and didn’t go, but half of that was working with the old idea of selling them somethingpersuading them to come and do something.

And you’ll see that a lot with stage hypnosis still.

You’ll see people persuading people to come up on stage and then when there, their conscious mind takes over and they say to themselves, “Uh, right, changed my mind. I don’t like it up here so I’m packing up and going.”

And that’s why you sometimes lose half of the people who come up on stage. The Hypnotist hasn’t been Influential but has simply sold or manipulated members of the audience to come up on stage who then leave.

You don’t want your clients to leave

You don’t want that to happen in your world either with your clients, or your social relationships where people just leave when they realise they’ve been manipulated.

And it doesn’t matter how good a manipulator you are, that will happen.

Getting fantastic service

In presupposition you imagine that the thing is already done and dusted.

If you’re going into a situation where you want fantastic service, imagine that you’ve already had it. Virtually say “Thank you for the fantastic service that I’ve just had” to the person who is serving you before they even serve you.

It’s a very easy thing to do, very simple. It puts you in a giving and receiving mood, because if you go into a situation believing that you’ve already had fantastic service, ninety-nine point nine percent of the time you will get perfect service.

If you go into a situation thinking “I’m going to make friends here!” I’ll guarantee it.

Having the wrong Intent

Conversely if you go into a situation thinking that you’re going to manipulate people into becoming your friends and you’re going to build rapport and do all this fancy stuff, it won’t happen, because subconsciously you have the wrong intent.

An easy way to do this of course is what most really influential people do, they “Pre-tip”. That is they give the person giving them service a tip before they get the service, the person already has some further reward for giving you the best service.

Presupposition is the most vital tool you have when you’re going into a situation where you want to influence the end result.

So being an Influencer rather than a persuader, your intent and their reward is key.

Get More, More Profit, More Productivity, More Pleasure and More Time to Play, learn even more about setting your presupposition and intent on my Subconscious Skills online training

It’s time to Up Your Game

Where’s your Audience

Where's Your Audience Jonathan Chase Hypnotist #subskills


Had a message from – LinkedIn Profile = ” a Professional Life and Business Coach and Public Keynote Speaker.”

Them: “Can you help me become a better speaker?”

Me: “Yes. Send me a video so I can have a look at your style. Or even better, let me come along to a presentation so I can observe your audience and get a handle on how they react.”

Them: “Afraid I haven’t got any video and there’s nothing in the diary.”

Me: “Okayyyy. So hire a room, and invite an audience.”

Them: “How’s that going to help? I just need better technique. Can’t you write me a hypnotic script?”

Me: “Yes, I could if I knew who it was for.”

Them: “It’s for me.”

To cut a long story short I suggested we do some heavy work on the basics.

They’re getting back to me when they leave Uni, which by the way is an ideal place to invite a practice audience in – you’ll almost definitely learn to handle hecklers and difficult audiences very quickly and learn how to sell yourself.

I learnt audience rapport and connection as a Mentalist and Stage Hypnotist working the Club, Cabaret, Corporate and Theatre circuit in the 80’s and 90’s inviting thousands of people to basically come on stage and entertain their friends and family for me.

Because no speaking trainer can teach you to really Speak unless they see you speak and observe your Audience, all the rest is theory or worse. “Works for me so will work for you…” Platform Pitching.

And please, don’t do the fake it till you make it anymore, it’s too easy to find out you don’t have an audience. 🙂

[P.S. They are Faculty not a student. . . ]

Read more Where’s your Audience