Hey there, it’s Jon,
I’m over 60 now, I’ve slowed things down and don’t do the big hypnosis certification training anymore. I do love to guide, brain train and coach though.

As you’re here you must be curious about working with me, and my partner Jane Bregazzi.

Read on and I’ll explain how that can happen 1 on 1, or 2 on 2 if you’re a couple.

Jonathan Chase

Hypnotically yours

At a Persuasion Skills and Anchoring seminar in London, Darren Laverty, Financial Advisor and Investment Guru Partner at Second-Sight and Foster Denovo financial planning, father of two teenage kids and owner of a Classic Aston Martin, who likes to ice-race in Norway; came up to me and said, “What can you do for me then?”

I said, “I’ll make you better.”

“Better at what?” he asked.

“Depends,” As I said that his head moved slightly to one side and almost imperceptibly forward, so a genuine question. I asked, “What do you do?”

Turned out that where we both felt he could get better was presentations, of which he did and does a LOT.

Adding an Hypnotic Edge there, is fairly easy, but I’ll let Darren tell the rest of his story.

“I thought I knew a little about public speaking and presenting, that was until I met Jonathan!!

With his partner Jane, he watched, recorded me and the audience, analysed it and then they spent 2 days honing my skills.

He knocked off the rough edges and made the invisible visible.

He is simply the finest resource I have ever come across and I would suggest to any budding speaker presenter that if you want to be truly effective and engaging, this guys training is a must.

However good you think you are, he will make you better.

I’d love to tell you what we do with all of our Entrepreneurial Expert, Executive, Entertainer, and Sports Professional and Leadership clients.

Thing is that no two have ever been exactly the same.

I’m sort of like a Subconscious Spielberg.

I help you get the Best from your Brain and the Most from your Mind.

A consultation can be a general development or a specific event strategy.

I’ll show you practical skills so that you’ll communicate with more confidence, presence, and pleasure and deliver that in your Consultations, Networking, Negotiations, Selling, Speaking and Training.

I work to a strategy not a script so the Best Way to Experience how we work, and how it will work for you, is to experience.

How To Work With Me

You can talk 1 on 1 with me for a chat.

I promise that if we decide we’re  a fit then subsequent calls will help get rid of some baggage quicker than a cheap airline without a mention of ‘therapy’.

I will show you how your Mind Style will give you huge insight how to utilise the subconscious traits you leverage easily.

And there’s no doubt you’ll walk away with some of your subskills installed or improved.

You will be more Able after the call.

You’ll be more memorable in the lives of the people you influence and impact.

You’ll have a greater capability to be comfortable with your wealth, maybe even your health.

And you’ll have better resources to be more charitable when that is a need for you.

Your industry or vocation doesn’t matter, we work on you, not it.

We’ll deep dive your subconscious desires to help you avoid getting more stressed, because if you don’t strategise properly, achievement brings stress if not done better.

Let's Talk

If you’re an entrepreneur or industry leader aspiring to build your best possible life and believe you could benefit from working with an expert, there’s an excellent chance I can help you.

That starts with a quick conversation to establish your professional background and needs. Get closer to your goals right now by filling out the simple form.

All information is held in the strictest confidence.