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Chase your dreams, Jonathan Chase has galvanised over 1.4 million to become more self aware, to explore your imaginative potential, and to become more conversationally influential. His podcast delivers often fast, fun and usually fascinatingly Subconscious biased answers to your most important questions, even the odd and weird ones.

To benefit from the Wit and Wisdom of 40+ years of Dream Piloting just use #AskJonCHASE on almost any social forum and post it to us, and we'll try and include it in the show!

Note Disclaimer: The Hypnotist Radio show is for entertainment only. Jon's answers are not to be taken as personalised professional advise or consultation, and are often given entirely for humourous intent. If you take action without further consultation you do so at your own risk. 
The show is PG rated, adult terms, language and subjects may be used and discussed. All opinions expressed are entirely those of Jonathan Chase or individually of any guests and carry the usual © worldwide rights; Jonathan Chase, & HypnoArts™ - Academy of Hypnotic Arts ltd.