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Momentum, Clarity, Excitement and Magic?

Prosuasion Hypnotic Edge Influence Jonathan Chase Hypnotist #subskills

Allow me to tell you more about the incredible deal you can get between now and 31st December. You’ll join the HYPNOTIC EDGE INFLUENCE 10 day Subconscious Training. That’s just for starters

What our clients say they get from mentoring with us, that’s me and Jane, is Momentum, Clarity, Excitement and Magic.

Of course these are ‘one on one’ clients, and we realise it’s not always possible for everyone to commit the time and investment, so we’re doing this seasonal deal for you so we can help you in the best way possible.

So that you can get the benefits that our 1 on 1 clients get + some hand-holding while you get more clarity, excitement and magic, I’d like to draw your attention to . . .

. . . BONUS 5 * below, it will be of special interest to you, a private inner circle where there is just you and us, and a few select others. As with all our trainings online or live in a venue, they are geared to the audience, it’s what I specialise in, Your Subconscious Skills, for Your Presence, and Your Influence.

If you commit to this Now, because this offer closes at midnight on 31st December 2019, you get all the training online and offline which supports the year long commitment I will make to you, in the Inner Circle.

Here’s where you can join the training for this seasonal deal.


Here’s a reminder of the  SIX Free Bonuses you’ll get when you join today!

* Bonus 1: * Ten audio five week training (Svengali) (£1,497 Value) [Been sighted as the best training in covert techniques for benefit.

* Bonus 2: * 
MindStyle practitioner (£1,997 Value) 
Brand new class starts next year

* Bonus 3: * Mentalism Mastery Classes (£497 Value)
 Know what top mind readers know and inherit the confidence that having no doubt gives you!

* Bonus 4: 
* Pro-Suasion Pop-up 3day Seminar Seat (£1997 Value)
Our three day event ticket – next one London 2020 March 7-8-9 [This ticket is yours and you may sell it on if you can’t make it, or save it for the next event.]

* Bonus 5: * 1 Year Inner Circle Membership (£1,997 Value)
 Instant access to our top line community site – not advertising laden FaceBook or LinkedIn, completely private. This is where you can get up close and personal for a full year. Be invited to private mastermind zoom rooms, and be the first to know of any events in the pipeline.

* Bonus 6: * Hypnosis Installed Programme (£497 Value)
Paul McKenna said this was a beautifully put together package. The best and easiest Hypnosis Training videos in the world, just watch, learn by osmosis…

All of this totalled comes to: £8,482 in Bonuses alone.

Now that is what some people have been prepared to invest in themselves, that is the value they feel they have got

Actually the figure is priceless, because if it gives you what you want, then that will last a lifetime.

We’re not asking you for that amount though or even half that!

you get it all FREE when you join my training Today 

Go here right now and get your seat before they’re all gone! And I’ll see you on the other side – JonC 😊

Prosuasion Hypnotic Edge Influence Jonathan Chase Hypnotist #subskills

Get Access Now and take advantage of these Free Bonuses valued at £8,482 for


Pay in Full or 3 monthly payments of £33


Our guarantee to you, if after 5 days of your 10 day Hypnotic Edge Influence Training you aren't entirely satisfied that you will get anything at all from this or any of our bonus training, then we will refund your investment without any further obligation on your part.

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