Are You Experiencing Burnout Caused By Professional Stress?

We help you find solutions to harness and control your stress!

So that you can enjoy your rewards for longer…

“Jonathan Chase is one of Britain’s leading performance Hypnotists, who is now offering a different kind of subconscious stress under control solution after suffering his own burnout.

“Britain’s leading performance hypnotist”

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Now SubSkills Training are offering for professionals the opportunity to join the programmes he’s developed for top creatives, performers and consultants including online Master MIND groups, 1 on 1 intensive rapid internet and visiting consulting, and Residential Mentoring.

Helping you beat burnout from unavoidable professional stress, so that you can enjoy your rewards for longer.”

Jane Bregazzi CEO SubSkills Training itd.

Hi It’s Jonathan,

I’d love to tell you what we do with our Entrepreneurial Expert, Executive and Leadership talks, events and client programmes.

Thing is that no two have ever been exactly the same, even the online group trainings have a very unique and exclusive atmosphere all of their own.

I’m sort of like a Subconscious Spielberg. I help you get the best from your brain and and Most from your Mind.

I’ll teach my brand of Subconscious Strategies and Skills so you’ll communicate with less stress, more confidence, presence, and pleasure and deliver that in your Consultations, Networking, Negotiations, Selling, Speaking and Training.

The rewards from that will be:
~ More Profit from Your Endeavours
~ More Pleasure from your Adventures
~ More Presence with the People in your life

We work to a strategy not a script so the best way to experience how we help you, and how it will work for you, is to start now with the MindSTYLE Evaluation to supercharge your self awareness… that’s our own tried and tested behavioural subconscious trait indicator.

then we’ll send you your full free stress and strength evaluation score and an invitation for a call back where we can discuss with you your best solutions.


"I thought I knew a little about public speaking/presenting, that was until I met Jonathan!! With his partner Jane, he watched, recorded me and the audience, analysed and then they spent 2 days honing my skills. He knocked off the rough edges and made the invisible visible. He is simply the finest resource I have ever come across and I would suggest to any budding speaker/presenter that if you want to be truly effective and engaging, this guys training is a must. However good you think you are, he will make you better."
Darren Laverty
Financial Advisor and Investment Guru Partner Second-Sight and Foster Denovo financial planning.
“When you first meet Jonathan, he immediately has that Xfactor presence! Its not hard to like someone so impressive but his work ethic and the sheer volume of his work is impressive. Jonathan is a natural leader and teacher, he helped me immensely to find the right voice and has continued to advice me from the font of his great knowledge. He’s not just a hypnotist this would be to limit a man that is a teacher, entrepreneur, stage performer, Speaker of great ease and skill, Coach, Writer, leader. I would recommend him without reserve.”
Althea Grant
Les Brown Platinum level International Speaker-Coach - Author
"It's been my delight, not just through the show, but away from the show to get to know Jonathan Chase, Britain's number one hypnotist. I had him on the show and he was a delight. He was everything I expected Jon to be. He was slightly cantankerous. He was opinionated, he has the ability to inspire; and best of all, he delivered the content that made a vibrant podcast. You don't want somebody that agrees with you all the time. You want somebody that provides what the listeners want. I think Jon is potentially one of the best guests you can have. He plays it 100% real, 100% authentic. And I would recommend him to, to everyone, if you want a great guest who is raw, honest, and is Ben themselves, which allows them to shine on a podcast then Jon Chase is your man."
David Ralph
Sexy Host of the #1 Business Motivational Podcast 'Join Up Dots' and author of 'Podcasters Mastery'
To constantly be at the top of your profession calls for a focused responsive open mind. Jon and Jane will not only help you reach that point, they will teach you how to develop your mind to maintain the equilibrium between creativity, innovation and focus.
Michael Barnes
Business Development Consultant at Retail Decisions
I've never laughed so hard and learnt so much about the subconscious mind in any other seminar I've been to!
Jim Adam
International Business Development Manager I.B.M.
I was very good at what I do anyway, but Jonathan and Jane gave me skills that have made me better. Jonathan Chase is the best teacher in the world of what he does.
John Brophy
Divisional Manager ASEAN .Australia & New Zealand at deVere Group

Zoe Clews – Top Harley Street Hypnotherapist – Zoe Clews and Associates

Todd Newton – ‘Host with the Most™’ Emmy Award Winning ‘Price is Right Live’ host, Author, Podcaster