Time to make your event Unforgettable?
Time to teach your guests, delegates, teams and customers how to Master M.I.N.D. SubSkills With Jonathan Chase


Just Imagine a speaker with a showbiz background from the West End to Vegas. Flexible and funny enough to fit anywhere – even the graveyard spot just after lunch, but also happy after dinner, before breakfast, or any other time. 40, 90, 120, half and full day events. . .


Sourcing venues, arranging AV and VIP services you shouldn’t stress about booking the professional speaker, contracts, accessibility budgets. Because we work closely behind the scenes with your agents, venue and event staff, we take the ‘hard’ out of it


The focus are your guests and your bottom line. Reading the room is as important as following the event brief, so it pays not to be a one horse circus. Interactivity is a hard thing to master but it makes your event attendees experience unforgettable, and adds an element of Edutainment


Jonathan Chase delivers fast, fun and effective interactive presentations that explain the structure and nature of the Dopamine factor and Subconscious Skills, with take away techniques for instant, and more importantly, sustainable results and rewards, what most people call Success!

“When Jon takes the stage his combination of observation, story telling and practical walk away tools is amazing.
Book this guy! ”

Todd Newton – Author and Emmy Award winning game show host with the most.

Specialities: Communication - Imagination - Influence - Edutainment - Subconscious Skills - Disability Awareness - Inspiration
Master Your MIND

“Note: Although living with a Disability is never the object, the inspiration this free parking strategy engenders, always seems to just happen.”

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