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Jonathan Chase
“Britain’s leading hypnotist” Mail
“Master Hypnotist” Sunday Times

Inspirational de-Motivational Speaker
Fast and Funny – ‘Being the Hypnotist’

Jonathan’s humorous, interactive and transforming presentations show his capacity to simplify the complex and teach Fast, Fun, Fruitless and Ineffectual Strategies to Avoid Success and too look at the world from the over the lip of the box. . .

“One thing disability can teach you very quickly is that there is always another way of thinking, another perspective; always a productive alternative…
Me? I’m just in it for the parking badge.” More About Jonathan’s Story


Note: Presentations are bespoke = Hypnosis conference Vegas

Note – no one’s mind is read and no one is hypnotised unless they request it – they usually do.

If you need a fascinating and funny highlight that’s just remarkable, recallable and simply different, hire Jonathan Chase.

“I’ve never laughed so hard and learned so much.”
Jim Adam, Business Development Manager I.B.M.


Amusing, Educational, Informal, and Story-telling

Teamwork and Performance
Inspiration and Motivation

Performance for:
Achieving Goals
Human Resources
Sit-down Comedy

Our most popular presentation
Formats: 45-90 minute Keynote:
After Dinner – before breakfast
Fees up to: £10,000 £7,000 £5,000 depending on programme +expenses
NOTE: Can be stretched to a 1 or 2 day
‘Learn Hypnosis for Fun and First Aid’ team builder

Team Coaching
small groups BIG Results

Small group Comfort Zone around the table coaching consultations for up to 8/10 participants or small teams.

More than just a seminar this learning experience includes many aspects of our work and approaches to fit your needs. The most unique aspect being that the first question for delegates is,
“What do you need to know?”

Recruiting from team up to executive level, excited by the Comfort Zone Principle and base line subconscious success without stress, Executive performers, HR Management, Sales or Training, this is an ideal exponential learning experience. 

Speaking & Seminars

Employee and Customer  awareness leads to a more balanced and productive business.

Jonathan Chase delivers fast, fun and effective interactive and causative presentations that explain the structure and nature of the Mind with take away tools for instant, and more importantly, sustainable results and rewards. 


Comfort Zone Principle and the Subconscious Success Cycle model

Delivered in a very practical and instantly usable format.

Delegates immediately are able to understand their naturally inclined behaviours and strengths and just as importantly are able to understand and communicate influentially with customers, and will be more tolerant of the behaviours others.

Backed by our free HypnoArts App based profiling tool, with a white label version for delegates.
“I’m excited about this. It’s the first profiling I’ve seen targeted purely at the Subconscious Mind.”
Dr. Peter Lennig, Consultant Psychiatrist, Stockholm.

You’ll find the Comfort Zone Principle presentation positively impacts your delegates performance, personal development, professional and personal insight.

Formats: 45-90 minute Keynote: 1/2 or full day Break Out team coaching: Organisational seminar.  

Fees up to: £10,000 +expenses – seminars break aways per delegate

Svengali System™.

Influence Communication Skills backed by 30+ years of experimentation and development to discover what works.

Referred to sometimes as NLP or Covert conversational suggestion this strategy goes behind and beyond that of simple persuasion.

Utilising the most powerful of human abilities, imagination and creativity; the Svengali™ eclectically brings together self-rapport harnessing our own true potential with Influencing those around us to give and get the rewards we all seek.

Goes behind and Beyond just Hypnosis, NLP, Anchoring, Body Language and even Mentalism, through to just the stuff that Works.
“Seductive Subconscious Suggestion strategies. I promise you LOTs of practical influence skills, Loads of practice and experience, on an intensive exploration and installation of the covert and influential skills of The Hypnotist, of course using all content free clean language without a tale or trance in sight. ”

The Svengali System™ from the book’ How to make friends with yourself and Influence People’, delivers very practical and proven Influence Communication Skills in a hands on interactive format guaranteed to raise the bottom line.

More Profit, More Productivity, More Pleasure.

Formats: 45-90 minute Keynote: 1/2 or full day Break Out team coaching: Organisational seminar.  After Dinner, Before Breakfast 45 minute Edutainment

Fees up to: £10,000 +expenses – seminars break aways per delegate

Whether you choose an evening event, place us within a full day programme, or make us the full event, you’ll discover an interactive, entertaining and unforgettably educating practical presentation. Guaranteed.

If you’re interested in discussing a Jonathan Chase Keynote, seminar or team builder, please use the following form to connect with us and we’ll be in touch to answer your enquiry