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Leader? You’re a hypnotist.

Leader? You’re a hypnotist.

If you’re a leader you’re a hypnotist, you just didn’t know it.

Very simplified, Hypnosis is the intentional implanting of ideas giving rise to changed behaviours in the recipient.

Last year I watched several company Owners and CEO’s recognise the Hypnotist in them and discover how, without complex and convoluted language and story telling, they can hypnotically lead and influence their company, business and service teams to get and give them the max.

If you lead you should be influencing behaviours because it’s only when the non-conscious process takes onboard an idea, and runs unquestioningly with it, that we get what NLPers call unconscious competence.

For clarity lets call that a habit. And it’s only when behaviours become habitual that we get the competence which leads to the satisfaction in being able to complete tasks imaginatively, with ease, and with recognition and most importantly, reward.

We call that success.

People are naturally accepting of suggestion when they are being creative, imaginative, passionate and emotional, and it’s then we can suggest the reward for being successful.

On stage for instance the Hypnotist will tell people constantly how good they are doing. They will congratulate the Hypnotee and encourage compliance by offering an emotive reward, “The better you do this, the better you feel.”

That’s a direct suggestion.

No, it’s not conversational hypnosis, certainly not embedded language patterning or neurolinguistic gobbledegook. No true leader needs that rubbish to help their teams, employees, customers, followers, feel better about themselves, their job or the boss.

All you need to do is direct hypnotic language directly at the subconscious, as all charismatic and influential people do, they are Hypnotists, even if they don’t know it.

I teach hypnotic language 1 on 1, or in away day groups up to 6 in our Exeter offices.

We’ll run in house workshops for your Leaders, HR and Management groups if you prefer.

I speak and present hypnotic phenomena worldwide and can keynote Hypnotically Speaking on the Importance of Imagination, Emotional Intelligence and, ‘How to make friends with yourself and Influence People.

My teams number is +44 1392 314090

“I watched 15 normal people become competent hypnotists and didn’t see what happened, it was like alchemy. Jonathan Chase is one of; if not the, best trainers of hypnosis in the world.” Simon Hedley CEO PsiPi Group


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