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A Fast, Fun, Effective weekend Learning Experience for the Professional and Hypno curious to increase your understanding of true MIND LEADERSHIP for business, sales, entertainment, confident communication;
with the ‘Chairman’ of Hypnosis 

March 7th 8th 2020
Holiday Inn M4 (jnct 10), Reading, Berkshire UK


Jonathan Chase is the Award winning Hypnotist, master of mentalism and the power of the subconscious mind.

Author of the globally renowned and Amazon best selling book, ‘Deeper and Deeper – the Secrets of Stage Hypnosis’, lauded as “Britain’s leading performance hypnotist” by the Mail on Sunday, “The Master Hypnotist” by the Sunday Times Magazine [London], and CentralITV Weekend Live said that working with Jon, “Your Mind’s in Safe Hands.”

An ex Nurse then stage manager, he came across his natural talent for hypnotic communication and suggestion one evening in the 80’s, in the hotel De France in Jersey C.I.

He watched a show-band drummer hypnotize a young lady, who was then told that a toy dog a little boy was playing with, was a fully grown lion.

The resulting mayhem convinced him he had to discover more about the mind and imagination, he had to know why reality can change so quickly.

Through that obsession, his own reality changed.

Going on to use his hypnotic skills on over 70,000 people across the world, he also found himself on the stages of London’s West End and the shiny lights of Las Vegas.

The Struggles That Could Have Stopped Him

He was born with an inherited form of Muscular Dystrophy called Charcot Marie Tooth disease.

At 19 he was told, after a year undergoing disastrously bad surgery and physio, that he should only do sit down jobs.

No one would have expected him to instead become “The Dream-Pilot – Britain’s Leading Hypnotist” .

As he says “The trick of success is to use what comes out of, and goes in to the Subconscious Mind”

He certainly does this everyday with stunning effect.


A True Masterclass is a learning experience with a true MASTER, of the art of hypnotising.

Take this last chance to learn from this Master Hypnotist and get personal coaching to:

  • Better Your Unique Hypnosis Skills rather than just making you a clone of the trainer.
  • Positively Influence more people, even if they don’t know it’s happening.
  • Utilise Experiments and Testing so that you never fail.
  • Master Convincers and Suggestions so that Trance isn’t always necessary.
  • Turn every networking and social event into a promotion.
  • Have and give FUN with hypnotism or mentalism and blow minds!

Impromptu Hypnosis, Demonstration hypnosis or just hypnosis for fun?

This is the training that inspired Anthony Jacquin and Kev Sheldrake to develop their work as ‘Head Hackers’. Was the bedrock training that has led to Tim Box’s ‘Control System’ and Karl Smith’s ‘Kinetic Shift’. 

After starting with Jonathan on this weekend, and following up with the Advanced Performance class and some 1 on 1 follow-up, Professional Wrestler turned Mind Coach, Dan Ahtola from Malmo, won a golden buzzer on Sweden’s Got talent and went on to become 4th overall in the live televised final.
The boost to his coaching business is incalculable.

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN and use from the first morning!

THIS Masterclass includes the now almost mandatory Mesmeric Mentalism: You won’t become an instant Derren Brown, but this could easily be your inspiration to go on and succeed in demonstrating your hypnotic and mentalist prowess and build your regard, reputation and be invited to more events.

"I'm also a Hypnotist"

Since childhood, in almost all cultures, the idea of Mind Control has held both fascination and fear and yet is still a desired experience in most people. 

In the book “How to make friends with yourself and INFLUENCE PEOPLE’ Jonathan demonstrates how simply adding the phrase, “I’m also a hypnotist” to your ice-breaking introduction and elevator pitch will fire people’s pattern of mental manipulation, even though that isn’t actually what’s happening?

That adds an edge to your approach few possess, and when you demonstrate by eliciting their Enjoyment dopamine factor, that anchors you positively in your prospects mind.


It's Guaranteed!


You can’t lose!

We’re so sure you have The Hypnotist in you, and that our often copied, but never equalled training methods can get your hypnotist out, we 100% Guarantee Jonathan’s training and brain installation.

If you haven’t hypnotised to your satisfaction by lunchtime on day 1 and want to leave – we’ll still give you lunch and all your materials [worth the value of the live class and more] and give you the training fee back no questions asked! 

And there's more if you act quickly!

Over the last 20 years, the Academy of Hypnotic Arts and Hypnoarts have amassed one the worlds foremost online training and tutorial video and audio learning libraries.

The fortune is in the follow up and for hypnosis nothing teaches better than experience. So Jonathan will be there for you even afterwards, to guide however you utilise this amazing art.


March 7th 8th 2020 Holiday Inn M4 (jnct 10), Reading, Berkshire UK

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Your payment for this experience also includes:

  • lunch and Refreshments throughout the 2 day

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