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"Britain's Leading Hypnotist" Mail on Sunday

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Leaders and Teams make use of the Best Version of You, Mind STYLE for Sales, Training, Communication, Presentation.


“Britain’s leading Hypnotist.” Mail on Sunday. Shows you how to Make Friends With Yourself and Influence People 


Help yourself insights into what makes you and others tick. Understand and use Practical Psychology, NLP, Mentalism and Mesmerism


World Class Edutaining, funny, story telling Inspirational and Motivational Speaker on Bottom Line Subconscious Success


Utilising the “Dopamine Factor” to make your education fast, fun fascinating; accelerating learning, retention and recall


“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Einstein [atrib]

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Personal Branding?

Personal Branding? Please read this aloud in a soft inquisitive voice with a cup of tea. I get the personal brand idea, but… Look just

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Stage Fright – Enjoy the Fear!

FEAR is fundamental to the human soul and psyche. It drives us, retards us, and sometimes it makes what would otherwise be just another day, something extra specially memorable.

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How do you catch a liar?

Eye accessing cues in NLP and micro expression and body language are supposed to be able to tell you how people are processing their thoughts.

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Team and Leadership Company Consult Training Speaking

Team and Leadership Consult Training and Speaking for companies up to 20 employees or Executive corporate departments. Jonathan Chase has Success Strategised many SME Owners and Leaders, sometimes with a single phone session; he’s spoken at many top venues worldwide, delivering fast, fun, effective edutainment to Enhance Your Bottom Line Success.

Keynotes, Influence, Confidence, Presence.

As each consultation and presentation is bespoke please contact us to discuss the best approach for your needs.


ONLY use this for Keynote Speaking, Podcast Radio TV Interviews and appearances, private or team Training and Consultancy. 

To ask a question you think I may be able to answer or just to comment and say Hi. Please use the Social Networks. I can NOT guarantee to get back directly.

Jonathan Chase

Staffordshire Coal Miners son to Award Winning International Edutainer.
Best selling Globally Renown Mind Expert, Observer, Podcaster. Wheelchair user.
Consultant Hypnotist Author Speaker Edutainer
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Complete the world’s only subconscious psychometric profiling Mind STYLE app and get a free copy of Jonathan and Jane Bregazzi’s e-book.

The trick of success is to use what comes out of, and goes in to, the Subconscious Mind – yours and theirs.  
#SubSkills Training Enables your Endeavours, Enhances your Experience and Energises your Enterprise.