Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching Consultation

 Having worked with senior executives, entrepreneurs, physicians, surgeons, architects, lawyers, and high power presenters; success and achievement never happened so comfortably and with so little effort as being inside your comfort zone.

Every leader business owner and manager should understand why they and their teams do things they do and the way that they do them. Performing behaviours you’re not naturally comfortable with results in stress and performance anxiety, doing things the way your talents and inclinations direct results in succeeding with little or no stress.

Team or partnership building? Customer Profiling? Writing your next presentation or planning world dominance? Understanding your own and others comfort zone and their resulting default behaviours, Mind STYLE profiling helps you to find the ideal people to support your subconscious strengths. 


Starting at £1500 for a 30 day package I like to give you a strategy call first to see if we’re a good fit. Please fill in the form below and we’ll arrange a meetup via Facetime, Zoom or Skype.