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Two day MasterClass

“Mind blowing learning experience” Jim Adam I.B.M.

A MasterClass = a learning experience with a MASTER

Pro-suasion - the art of Professional Influence

Take your subconscious skills to the next level by attending an in-person, two day training event with us.

These events give attendees the building blocks of effective Pro-Suasion and Mental Mastery through DEP style training… Demonstration – Explanation and lots of Practice. Advisor supervised role-play builds confidence fast. 

For that reason our event is limited to only 30 participants and includes access to follow-up online catch-up calls to help you succeed at applying the skills acquired in your daily life.

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We present events around the country [UK], and we are sure to be in your neck of the woods at some point. 

Live training is ideal for people who want to Really Implement the Pro-suasion and Mental Mastery principles in your lives, and are willing to invest in yourself to do just that.

Seminar Day 1

5 Pillars of Pro-suasion IN Crowd

Gain the secret of unstoppable INtention, INduction, INtensification, INstallation, INvigoration.

Learn superior communication skills and how to apply them to any situation in your career and professional and personal life for PROFIT, PLEASURE, PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE

COMMANDING CONFIDENCE: Eradicate doubt and set indestructible intention with success becoming your fete accompli.  

PROFITABLE PRESENCE: Make your mark leaving your best impression, impacting interactions result in value returned.

UP YOUR GAME: Keep your head in the game and focus with comfortable clarity. Lose distraction and build resilience.

Seminar Day 2


In a Fast, Fun, Effective MasterMind Workshop you’ll be given and practice mind blowing impact routines, ice breakers, and the ‘hypnotic edge’ to make you memorable.

Secrets and new approaches from the skills of a Master Mentalist, psychological entertainer, to BOOST YOUR BUSINESS RECOGNITION.

READ PEOPLE: Know how to recognise behavioural signals and gain invaluable insights into how most people react ‘Warm Reading’ response.

GET RAPID RAPPORT: Make the first connection count and listen like a leader. Gain the ability to quickly get people on your side, ethically and sustainably.

GAIN INTUITIVE INFLUENCE: Know when to  repeat your suggestions so that you can comfortably impact and provoke people’s best responses.

Mentalism is the art of psychological direction, ethical fascination and illusion. Although you won’t instantly become Derren Brown or Dynamo,  you will easily become recognised as THE person who ‘KNOWS‘. 

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FREE fast and fascinating introduction PDF to the five pillars.
Download and discover:

  • Are You Hypnotised?
  • How to Inoculate Yourself from Influence by becoming an Influencer.
  • The Why, How and What make influencers who they are.
  • Simple Subconscious secrets and strategies to get you going in less than an hour
  • 5 Pillars of Pro-suasion Described with howto’s.


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** Pop-up seminars, keynotes, team builds, break-outs can be presented in almost all venus. Ask us about focusing and skills training your Sales, Client Service, and Management teams.

Your venue has to be wheelchair accessible and have great sightlines when seated.

Our flexibility is second to none and we can bespoke contents to fit your needs providing those include the above targets.

Costs are calculated around attendee numbers – minimum 10, so please contact us for a quick strategy chat.

What would a 5-8% bottom line revenue increase look like next month? It isn’t just the ROI you need to consider, it’s the COI – Cost Of Inaction – that will make the most impact.

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