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Show Styles and Speaking Subjects


Small audiences, after dinners, business Conferences, Exhibitions, Trade Fair Stands, Networking, and Private Parties. Can set in a corner with Tarot and Mind reading so that people can be entertained as and when they want rather than be hassled at their table over a banoffe pie and coffee. Often needs some space for the cues that develop.


Small audiences up to 60 in a cabaret or after dinner style setting. A straight one act small stage or end of table show of around 45 - 50 minutes inviting audience members on 'stage' and including the whole room. Can be set in a breakout room so only those interested can watch and take part at a set performance time.


Large stage versions of many of the parlour performance pieces. Of course there is more on stage interactivity with invited audience members. Can cover two acts of 40-50 minutes with an interval. From 100 to 3,000 audience members have been entertained by Jonathan in theatres and show rooms since the 1980's

Speaking 1

"Thinking Disabled" is TedX speaker Jonathan's often humours story of how a coal- miners son, who is progressively disabled from birth, overcomes that to headline in London's West End and roll the stage in Las Vegas. Inspirational and ongoing, aimed at teaching how not to suffer 'Thinking Disabled' as we grow older - comes with easy instantly usable beneficial mind tools.

Speaking 2

"How to talk Yourself Into almost anything" is TedX speaker, and best selling Amazon author, Jonathan's workshop on using self suggestion to mesmerically direct your mind to be nicer to itself. World renown for developing the 'Perfect Day' exercise from his book 'How to Make Friends With Yourself and Influence People.' Jon's workshop leadership style is fast, funny and edutaining.

Speaking 3

"There's no business like show" is TedX speaker Jonathan's fascinating observations, experiences and anecdotal journey through 40 years of change in an industry that has been the dream of many and the nightmare of some. Like or loathe the world that brought us Barnum, this presentation lets you understand all the backstage baggage and how it gets there.

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Note: all Tarot and Mind reading is performed for entertainment purposes only!