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“In front of many great Women, there’s a Man who she let’s think it was his idea!” 
Jonathan Chase

Let’s face it life is a series of opportunities you miss or you take, and as their midlife adventure was just starting, training and teaching felt a great thing to do.

Nineteen years ago after meeting, Jane Bregazzi, International Award Winning Arts event organiser, book creating publisher, mother of 2 girls, SAD sufferer; and Jonathan Chase, CIU Command Performance Award winning Stage and performance Hypnotist and Mentalist, who has a Muscular Dystrophy and two sons, founded their training business.

And over the years they’ve created and published a few best selling [Amazon] Books, Videos and Audio, Digital Courses, A Play including hypnotised audience members funded by the Arts Council, Podcasts on everything from how-to-hypnotise, through to influencing people.

They’ve exhibited at, and Jon’s spoken on stage, in most of the UK’s major event venues, and internationally in Vegas. They are grateful to have trained and mentored people from every inhabited continent on the planet, and 1.4 million at the current count via video on YouTube and Vimeo.

Using their techniques and approaches on themselves, they’ve navigated and negated Jane’s 35 years of social anxiety disorder, and Jonathan’s double heart-stopping MI’s, the resulting quadruple bypass and secondary infection, which worsened his CMT resulting in his now full time wheelchair use.

They both prefer to believe that a pragmatic practical mindset beats a positive – negative approach and live and work with idea attributed to Einstein that;
“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Now sometimes retired, they live just north of the English Riviera on the Devon coast, share a love of writing, reading, Sci-Fi films and binge watching Amazon Prime and Netflix. And Jon has finally trained Jane to watch football and support the Wolves.

Jon is the world’s best Mesmeric mentors, teachers, Media Consultant and script writing  advisers, get in touch. On a personal level he runs Zoom room “Evenings With” and online Mentoring. Please get in touch if your life needs a little Mesmeric flavour.


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