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Subconscious Skills

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SubSkills Training ltd., offers Jonathan Chase’s unique Subconscious Skills Installation training. Carefully strategised and structured to take your learning potential to new heights, this course is the Only Subconscious Skills Practitioner, and Masters, training in the world designed to gift you the secret skills behind and beyond NLP, Hypnosis, and most of the change and personal development methods used by the world’s greatest Hypnotists, Neuro Linguists, Metaphysicians and Mentalists, using those exact same techniques to teach via osmosis

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Subconscious Skills Practitioner Syllabus?

Now that worldwide connectivity has grown up enough the SSP Practitioner Training takes place online over 30 days, every Wednesday for four weeks between 09:30 – 11:30 am UK Time and again at 3pm to 5pm on the same day via Zoom.us 

Do I have to attend all of the online classes?

Although both classes cover the same module in essence, of course every experience has its subtle differences, and as we know, repetition works, so attending one or both live, or at least one live and watching the recording of the other will maximise your information intake. 

Subconscious Skills Masters Syllabus?

The SSP Masters Training is delivered live in person in a MindSpa Retreat format using hypnotic installation techniques developed over three decades of training  Hypnotic Arts. Over 5 1/2 days FULLY Residential, includes all meals, refreshments accommodation. . . you just need to get there.

What extras does the Masters involve?

 Besides the full online Practitioners, the live and practical Masters includes the Mentalism and Mesmerism Module not available in the online events. We use a simple format of E-D-P; Explain, Demonstrate, Practice, so at least a third of your time is hands on practical in a Fast, Fun and very Effective experience.

What is MindSTYLE?

MindSTYLE is a Psychometric evaluation of the emotive Subconscious innate behavioural strengths, tendencies, traits and tastes we call Talents. 

What is CHiNOSIS?

Based on self applied Shiatsu meridian manipulation and Neuro-symbolism CHiNOSIS can be thought of as an ‘Energy Hypnosis’. 

What is the Exploration Focus?

Developed primarily as a Business, Book and Branding exercise, the Exploration Focus interview is what we use with our private clients to discover the true value your subconscious has to give to the world.

What is the Core Rapport?

Ever seen the film ‘GroundHog Day’? Bill Murry gets into a time loop and the same day just repeats itself – funny. CR is an exercise to Imagine a Perfect Day that you could happily experience over and over again, and no, you won’t get stuck!

What is Fait Accompli?

Presupposition is the assumption that something may happen, fait accompli is something already happened subconsciously so the brain has no choice but to act on it. Learning how yours is set allows you to target it better.

What is Parrot Rapport?

Learning to Lead is best achieved by learning to Listen. Parrot Rapport applied with finesse, allows both to become easy and natural. Improving your communication skills has never been so easy.

Who is this for?

We’ve facilitated Entrepreneurs, Executives, Educators, Leaders involved in Enhancing Human Resources, Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, Therapists. Speakers.

Are the classes large?

Online there can be up to 50 people attending, although far fewer tend to be actively involved. Live classes are capped at 20 – you won’t get lost in a crowd.

What does the certification allow me to do?

Certification of any kind simply shows you’ve attended and proved worthy of being able to deliver the techniques. It signifies you can both professionally and personally deliver this knowledge at a suitable level.

Is this accredited?

We don’t know of a body well enough versed in our art to give accreditation of our unique approaches, and we haven’t got the brass balls to invent one or accredit ourselves. However you can use your Certification as CPD credits with many Professions and Organisations.

What written work needs to be done?

Apart from notes if you feel you need them, we supply Books, summary sheets and presentation slides in PDF formats. You are advised to write down your Perfect Day and Exploration Focus answers, but they are entirely for your own use and reference. 

Does Jonathan Chase teach every day?

Yes, online 100% along with Jane Bregazzi. Live he’s there all day – including dinner; although he prefers to think of it as installing and instructing. During practice sessions Both Jon and Jane are among the groups along with Practitioners and Masters re-attending.

How is this advanced HYPNOTISM?

In our experience advanced hypnotists rarely need to use the sleep-like trance, preferring direct ‘super’ suggestion. Jon made a quantum leap with Neuro-symbolism in 2002, utilising the imagination and producing phenomenon without relaxatherapy.

What happens after the training?

You’ll be invited to join the Subconscious Skills peer network via your mobile or desktop device. Away from the noise of FaceBook, LinkedIn and the like; our fully featured app will be there to support your on-going growth, Subskills successes and to applaud your achievements.