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“Life isn’t a battle to be fought. LIFE is an experience to be enhanced!


I develop, use and teach Subconscious Skills

"How do you get from an English midlands coal mining village to LasVegas?"

Get Sacked from Nursing

“We’ll have to let you go, you’re falling over more than the patients”

Profit relies on performance and persistence. 

Stress harnessed can help by providing the fuel to be at the top of your game. 

Stress uncontrolled becomes the major procrastination points and sticking spots and stops recuperation.

Stress Kills Pleasure

“I’m doing great but not enjoying myself.”

Pleasure requires a great balance of feel-good hormones and neurotransmitters like Adrenaline, Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin and other stuff we could throw in to  sound scientific. 

Harnessed stress gives you that – it’s called Excitement. 

Uncontrolled stress makes your limbic system over react and gives you the resulting defensive ‘coping’ chemicals like Cortisol, and most of your worst habits.

Stress Kills People

“My relationships should be better with colleagues, clients, my family and friends.”

People are the point of all Professions, for most non-hermit humans they are the point – period. 

Rapport isn’t just being together, it’s being in harmony, right down to a vibrational quantum level. 

Harnessed stress brings confidence and passion to the front and changes your mood and mindset into a massive magnet attracting the people you’re most in harmony with. 

Uncontrolled stress, conflict between the Brain and Mind, makes you sick, attracts disaster and depression, and we know who that attracts. . . 

Big  bloke in a cloak with the worst case of anorexia ever.

Our Business SUCS
So yours doesn't have to...

“Professionals spend time and thousands on training and learning; to give your family a better life, to enjoy your work more and let’s face it, to bring more cash to the table….

Unlike the amatuer you can’t just walk away, and as a result often feel Isolated, Disorganised, Responsible, Regulated, Decision Fatigued.

We’ve been there and had to apply the mindfulness methods we’ve learnt, developed, and honed to help ourselves, and now we can help and teach others we care about, like you.” Jane & Jon

“Britain’s Leading Hypnotist” Mail on Sunday
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“An exciting and innovative model to explain the nature and behaviour of how subconscious success works.” 
Professor Ong Theiw Chai.
MBPS, DPM, (Lon) MRCPsych, FRCPsych (UK) T.T.S. Hosp Singapore.
“Quick and fun. Jonathan, I feel like I just told you my deepest secrets in that app!” 
Pia Silva.
BadAss Your Brand. Business Strategist. Forbes Columnist. Author, Speaker.

Stress Control Strategy


Take a look at yourself and lose your baggage faster than a cheap airline


Now you can see the wood, lets see where it can go, grow and evolve


Install your Best Self help techniques to Harness and Control stress

1. Click to get Your FREE DOWNLOAD MindSTYLE Stress Test Report


Keep a record of your
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Stress Points

Your personal hardwired objective Subconscious Stress points


Your innate Talents, Tendencies, Tastes and Traits revealed!


How to recognise your natural behaviours and turn conflict into comfort

New Ideas!

Illuminating and challenging the ‘blank canvas’ and Comfort Zone theories

2. Take the MindSTYLE Stress Test To Get Your Personal Stress and Strength Score!


There are 10 Quick Questions to discover your Subconscious Stress Points and MindSTYLE.

Take a deep breath. 

Just read each question and click on the answer that most appeals to you – even if the event is not something you normally do.

Do this as fast as you can!
The faster you do this the more accurate and the more Subconscious your results will be.

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