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Are You As Happy as A Pig In Mud?

Are You Happy Like a Pig In Mud MindSTYLEapp Jane Bregazzi Jonathan Chase hypnotist #subconsciousskills

Are You as Happy as a Pig in Mud? There is a huge movement these days to become more self aware, a ‘Wellness Revolution’; appreciation and preservation of the self, through mindfulness and yoga, diet, and a wealth of holistic therapies. All this is well and good to keep you firing on all cylinders. But […]

Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

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The question: Has anyone ever used hypnotherapy to successfully overcome public speaking anxiety? My answer: Yes but it actually isn’t necessary. The anxiety is Caused by the expectation of not doing it easily – be that public speaking, abseiling down the Empire State building or meeting your in-laws. Anxiety in those cases is just quite […]