How well do you know yourself?

Mind STYLE app Psychometric testing strengths and stress success cycle #mindstyleapp #subconsciousskills developers Jane Bregazzi and Jonathan Chase

10 FAQs as to why you should take our
MindSTYLE app Psychometric strength and stress assessment

Q: What is a Subconscious Strengths and Stress psychometric Testing about?

A: Psychometric Testing with the MindSTYLE app is a set of questions that are designed to discover your natural Subconscious behaviours which are most likely to give you the biggest result and reward. Creating success with less stress by being excited and productive in Your Comfort Zone.

Q: What do you mean by ‘Natural’ behaviours?

A: Some behavioural patterns are innate, in other words you are born with them, they are your nature and the things you are most likely to do when not doing anything in particular or when you are enjoying yourself the most.

Q: Are we a blank slate and as humans we learn everything?

A: No, your emotions and how you are inclined to behave are not learnt, they are hardwired, just like your sexual inclination and the shape of your nose.

Q: Isn’t a Comfort Zone a place of safety where we get stuck and need to move on?

A: No, people who need to move on are far from comfortable, your true Comfort Zone is the place where  feel most joyous, excited and engaged.

Q: Don’t I have to leave my comfort zone and go through anxiety to learn and grow?

A: No. You learn most at play when doing the things that give you Dopamine, endorphins and creating a feels good state in the brain. Think about it, the kids who do best at school Like school.

Q: How good is the Mind STYLE Profiling?

A: Very, the Subconscious strengths and stress points psychometric profiling is designed to engage the subconscious and the result is around 90% in discovering your strongest likely behaviours.

Q: What does knowing my MindSTYLE do for me?

A: It shows you the best way to do things. Not what to do but how to apply your nature to start and get the most momentum for any task.

Q: Don’t I apply my natural behaviours anyway?

A: Not always. We often do things the way we are taught even when that feels uncomfortable. You default to your natural and strongest behaviours when you are doing the things you want to, the way you want to do them.

Q: So what happens when I am in my Comfort Zone?

A: When you are comfortable you connect with your limbic system, the decision making, sensory and emotive part of your brain. That’s when things like Tiger Woods unorthodox swing, or Einstein’s maverick thinking occur.

Q: Is the Mind STYLE Profiling psychometric testing?

A: The MindSTYLE app is designed to measure your innate subconscious emotive tendencies and talents. and as these are basically the psychology of how you are inclined to do stuff this model does fit into the field of psychometrics, even though it is way shorter, faster and so we are told by the people who have tried it, one of the most accurate systems for strengths and stress points out there. But, you should try it for yourself, takes around three  minutes, do the test as fast as you can, and we’ll then send your full results via email.


You can get the basic strengths and stress results by clicking here, #mindstyleapp

Our psychometric MindSTYLE strength and stress web application will help you:

Start projects and ventures more easily

Reduce and harness ‘internal conflict’ stress

Gain insight to building teams and discovering the right people to work with. 

Now in around 3 minutes you’ll discover if you are…

a “Keep it Simple Stupid” Observer
a “Devil’s in the Detail” Evaluator
a “Be Careful Out There” Predictor
an “I Have a Dream” Creator
 a “Screw It Let’s Do It” Performer.

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Are we Aware of our Subconscious?


Jonathan Chase answers questions on Quora

Q: Do you think one of the things stopping people from being better, is being unaware of their subconscious, and if so why?

A: You are very Aware of your subconscious process, at least of the results of it. And you can understand that process better and use it.

I prefer to use the words Brain and Mind when thinking of the two major thinking and responding processes.

Although I also like the terms Imagination and Intellect which Emile Coué used in his 1921 book ‘Self-Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion’.

With the emotional maturity of a pre-pubescent person – roughly 9 to ten years old, it’s best to think of the Subconscious as something to deliberately, [consciously] collaborate with, rather than control.

Of course that isn’t actually what’s happening, not neurologically anyway. But it’s a good model to use and seems to work best in real world situations.

Jonathan Chase – Hypnotist

Your subconscious is wired to respond

You can, using psychometrics, get a handle on how your subconscious is wired to respond, and then predict to a degree likely behaviours and tendencies, what we call Talents.

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Are You As Happy as A Pig In Mud?

Are You Happy Like a Pig In Mud MindSTYLEapp Jane Bregazzi Jonathan Chase hypnotist #subconsciousskills

Are You as Happy as a Pig in Mud?

There is a huge movement these days to become more self aware, a ‘Wellness Revolution’; appreciation and preservation of the self, through mindfulness and yoga, diet, and a wealth of holistic therapies.

All this is well and good to keep you firing on all cylinders. But when you return to the real world, the day to day living, your job, your toddlers, your turbulent teens, the TV, the Internet, Facebook, Linked In, Google, Shopping, Coffee! Rising prices that strain your purse strings, that cause the average person at some time in their life unbelievable amounts of stress, that challenges the ‘hour of power‘ and sends you hurtling towards the cupboard and the ‘hour of power’ ends up curled on the sofa with a new age wine glass that holds half a bottle!

Wellness Gurus

All the ‘wellness gurus’ give you the ability to heal Mind and Body, but is it really giving you ‘Self Awareness’ or just giving you a temporary plaster, do you really know your subconscious nature? The bit of you that dictates your natural and illogical responses.

You can’t help yourself feeling the way you do especially if you are pressured into a state of mind that goes against the grain – Your Grain – not someone else’s.

If you watch toddlers together, interacting with each other you will notice certain behaviours.

You will notice the child that is reticent and holds back tending not to join in, you will notice the one that takes all the toys from others, just because they can, you will notice the chancers, those that hold back but watch and when the opportunity arises will jump on the next available ride on toy, you will notice the ones that are content to draw or play with reality toys and not really bother with all the doing stuff and you may notice the builders, those that like to stack building blocks, or boss others into doing everything, just so.

You may also notice, if you are a parent, that your offspring, even though you’ve brought them up in the same way, with the same values, environment and even food, will often behave quite differently from each other.

Why we believe Behaviour is Hard-Wired

So why is this? Even when there are no significant outside influences, a young child will show certain personality traits that are, we believe, hard-wired, so that these traits grow with you. We believe that these natural behaviours form and shape your life’s development and are the key to learning and is where your comfort zone exists.

Your true nature is where you perform at your best, if you understand your true nature, if you become truly self aware and aware of the nature of others around you, including your children and how best to educate them, then your interactions and relationships with others becomes proportionate to your life and well being, much more so because being driven out of your comfort zone to experience the magic of life, will stop being a life-long issue.

Because the magic of life happens when you fully understand where your subconscious strengths lie, your comfort zone, and how to make it work for you.

True Happiness Starts from your comfort zone and we want you to find you to find where that is,  click here for your MindSTYLE and then come back and tell us how your self awareness is affecting your wellness.

Jane Bregazzi