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Head Fix – Keep Your Mind In The Game

head fix Jonathan Chase Hypnotist

When I say ‘head fix’ it isn’t because you’re broken. You just need your internal house refurbished and renewed. Think of keeping your mind in the game, rather than just repair.

I had to have the doors widened in my house a while ago. My new wheelchair was two inches wider and measured to fit both me and my condition. I needed the doors widening not because my new chair wouldn’t have fitted but because it made me more comfortable and that is the ultimate success for me, being comfortable, not just body but mind as well.

My house wasn’t broken, just not suitable anymore. It wasn’t broken and, it wasn’t sick.

Most people suffer more from being told they are in some way sick, broken, not working right, and it’s that they suffer from, more than they do from the symptoms of being a person.

You’re often told that anger, fear, sadness and habit are bad, and that is just wrong. They are as important as joy, peace, and of course being comfortable.

You have all of these experiences because that is how we work. It’s not inappropriate to be furious now and then, or to be terrified, or frustrated or confused or so heart broken you want to just go to bed. Or all of those at once. They are perfectly natural and the way you and I, and everyone else is designed to be.

Mental Illness?

Problem is the big stuff tends to make an impact and build its own rooms, good and bad, and we react to it even when we don’t need to be like that anymore.

Most of what therapists call mental illness, and remember they are therapists so they have to see you as sick otherwise they can’t therapise, most of that is just the remnants of our reactions to our emotions carrying on, because nothing else has actually come along to widen the door or redecorate when the big stuff happens.

I guess that is seen as being sick because the symptoms can look like being attacked by a bug. Everything from rashes to pain and even cancers and life threatening physical stuff can and are a hang over from a big emotion that’s hanging around.

So to fix that we need to get to your emotional person, let’s call them your Mind for want of a better word and to distinguish it from your brain which is just an organ like your heart or liver, we need to get your Mind to understand what it’s doing, and show it how to stop it and how to widen a few doors.

We do that by approaching it as a part of you that is working properly just with the understanding of your emotions, not your intelligence. And then we show it how it can do the stuff it’s doing, but to do that more comfortably.

Some of your subconscious behaviours are hard wired so that you will always react to psychological triggers and stimuli in a predictable way for you, you will run certain patterns over and over that you can do nothing about that cause conflict between your subconscious and conscious mind.

To understand how you will react and how to work with that so that the conflict is controlled, you need to understand what your hardwired behaviour is going to be.

To be more self aware, go along to and take the MindStyle stress and strength assessment and discover what Your most comfortable way should be.

Then come back here and tell us how you think you become a fixer upper.

Better Your Business with Jonathan Chase

jonathan chase keep your head in the game

Better Your Business

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We believe you have to have Presence and use your subconscious skills to gain confidence, build your Professional Presence and gift others what they need, so you get what you want.

We teach Communication Secrets behind how conversational and covert Hypnosis, NLP, Mesmerism, Mentalism, and Metaphysics work for you to Influence.

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A recipe for Wealthy Thinking

A recipe for wealthy thinking Jonathan Chase Hypnotist

I was once called the gordon Ramsay of Personal Development and Hypnosis, which is great for me because Gordon Ramsay is something of a hero of mine.

We have a great deal in common – well stretch your imagination. Thanks to physical injury he couldn’t carry on playing professional football so got up and got on as a professional chef.

True I was never a professional footballer, in fact at school I sucked at sports even though I loved kicking a football about.

I was a clumsy kid though and was never picked for teams, you know that kid that always gets left until last. I can’t say I was bullied,  but always being left till last made me feel different, not always in a good way.

One Day changed everything

Then one day I won a competition from my weekly comic, the prize was… A leather bound football, a proper football. Oh joy of joys.

The football was a coveted item and *I* had it, it was mine.

Then everyone wanted to play with MY ball and be on MY team. I became the picker!

There was LESSON No 1 -The Picker has ALL the power, you’re the team Manager, you pick the players, you don’t get left behind.

If you can’t be the Player then be the best Manager or Chef or Edutainer you can be.

The role of a chef and the role of an Edutainer showing people how to change their mindsets and attitudes isn’t all that different in principal.

You take the few ingredients the store of life has delivered to your subconscious larder. You figure out how best to use the utensils and equipment your body has kicking around, and these can be very different, and bring the lot together to produce not only sustenance but a satisfying and fulfilling repast.

And just like a wedding breakfast or Sunday lunch, this creates an experience and it’s the experience we remember.

Wealth is also like a meal, it isn’t just the one ingredient snack many people are taught it is.

Wealth is a full on banquet.

Sure the most important base is generous helping of crisp and fresh lightly tossed cash, but that is just the bed to lay the more delicate and delicious portions of the wealth recipe.  

True wealth must also include two or three table spoons of enjoyable shared pastimes.

Several thickly sliced satisfying acts of selfless charity complement the heady and filling chunk of indulgent pleasure. The trick here of course is balancing the earthiness with something more graceful.

But the thing that pulls all this together to take the whole thing from a mishmash of bits and pieces is the thinking that produces the sauce.

A bad sauce however can spoil the experience and flavour of being wealthy and leave a bitter taste which is where sadly most people live.

Remember the first lesson? Don’t let bad experiences sour your sauce!

Wealthy Thinking

To think wealthy requires a good dash of realisation that rich people are not evil and wanting, and getting stuff isn’t bad wine.

I know that particular belief wine is strong, and your up-dragging people told you it was wrong to drink it, but you’re not drinking it, you are heating it and reducing it down to get the flavour without the alcoholic guilt which is steamed off.

Next you add some finely chopped generosity…

…and the zest of time shared with the people you are teaching and touching. To get and give the value you need stir slowly.

And now the pudding.

To be wealthy…

…you have to produce something, even if that is some more wealth. And when you produce something you are pouring the rich and sweet custard of Experience into the bowl of people who surround you, support you and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

So take the following,

  • Effort
  • Knowledge
  • Generosity
  • Time
  • Pleasure
  • Experience

Mix liberally, garnish with a pinch of gratitude and savour…

If you need some Wealthy Thinking to get past your sticking points and Up Your Game, at whatever you do, to stop being left behind, then think what I might be able to do for you on a Quick Consult. No messing about for months, just rapid effective creative skills creation.


WNOEIL podcast Influencers Why Do They Do It

WNOEIL podcast Influencers – Why Do They Do It Show

In today’s show mind Experts, Jane Bregazzi and Jonathan Chase, talk about the current internet phenomenon of influencers marketing. They ask such in-depth questions as ‘is religion persuasion or influence?’, ‘can you learn to influence?’ and what has two American kids watching British comics and not getting the jokes, got to do with becoming a huge influence on you tube?  They say the word ethnic a few times, mention Katie Hopkins and Jordan Peterson and chat. This show includes several ‘Baby Boomer Blasts’ and “The Elder Wand” section.