The 5: Don’ts that help your Corona common sense, and keep you safe from the ‘experts’

I’m seeing so much crap from the therapy world at the moment.

Even hypnowotsits claiming to be able to stop you touching your nose when it itches, or worse cure your cough.

Bloody hell let’s get real guys.

Touching your face isn’t the problem. Touching a surface that’s been directly coughed at or on, or touched by a hand that’s had the same spit shower, is the problem.

So don’t touch with your hand any surfaces you don’t need to and then touch your face without washing your hands.

If you get a virus nothing… especially not hypnosis or essential oils, is going to cure you. Good nutrition will help build your immune system but if you get it, you’ve got it.

Everybody is vulnerable to a coronavirus. Everybody no exceptions.

Just as everybody is vulnerable to stupid panic. Your immune system is way more affected by your mood than anything else and if you’re scared then by God you’re more vulnerable.

I do believe hypnosis and other systems are capable of suppressing symptoms.

That is Not a good idea as the Only way you know how bad you are is by how bad your symptoms are.

Stopping coughing and other automatic response systems won’t stop pneumonia happening and could have the effect of letting it get worse because you MAY not be aware of symptoms getting worse.

Having someone take anxiety away and stopping being a bit careful is also not the most brilliant of ideas; let’s face it you wouldn’t turn off your burglar alarm and leave your windows open would you?

Anxiety could actually help you avoid being ill here. It’s true you stand as much chance being run over but, you wouldn’t sit in the middle of a motorway would you?

If you’re at risk anyway, and I really Know about this one with Muscular Dystrophy and a quadruple heart bypass that’s currently only firing on three cylinders, take extra care.

Here are your Dont’s…

1: Don’t for gods sakes put your trust in a bloody Udemy trained, or week long qualified well meaning ‘expert’. I was in nursing but wouldn’t dream of calling myself anything but well read and observant.

2: Don’t panic, you don’t panic about flu which is way more likely to get ya, but you do take simple care.

3: Don’t touch stuff, and if you can’t avoid that wash. Water and rubbing on its. own is very good, bit of slippy soap helps, even washing up liquid or anything like that, alcohol is better but wash the spit off you wash any virus off.

4: Don’t hug or kiss people you don’t know well, because that’s just bloody odd anyway, and in 20 years time could get you arrested on sexual assault charges. 😀

5: Don’t worry. At this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere there’s a lot of shit in the moist air and people cough a lot and often sneeze. Don’t worry unless it gets really persistent.

Otherwise curl up with Netflix, Amazon Prime, or iPlayer and browse small amounts of food when you need it, not by the time of day. And don’t worry.

Be resilient out there.

Smiles Jonathan Chase

PS: the old idea that your brain can’t process so called negatives like the word Don’t is rubbish. And that’s going to be in the next Cut to the Chase – pop over to and SUBSCRIBE to the blog, vlog or email whichever way you like for us to give you the good stuff.

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Head Fix – Keep Your Mind In The Game

head fix Jonathan Chase Hypnotist

When I say ‘head fix’ it isn’t because you’re broken. You just need your internal house refurbished and renewed. Think of keeping your mind in the game, rather than just repair.

I had to have the doors widened in my house a while ago. My new wheelchair was two inches wider and measured to fit both me and my condition. I needed the doors widening not because my new chair wouldn’t have fitted but because it made me more comfortable and that is the ultimate success for me, being comfortable, not just body but mind as well.

My house wasn’t broken, just not suitable anymore. It wasn’t broken and, it wasn’t sick.

Most people suffer more from being told they are in some way sick, broken, not working right, and it’s that they suffer from, more than they do from the symptoms of being a person.

You’re often told that anger, fear, sadness and habit are bad, and that is just wrong. They are as important as joy, peace, and of course being comfortable.

You have all of these experiences because that is how we work. It’s not inappropriate to be furious now and then, or to be terrified, or frustrated or confused or so heart broken you want to just go to bed. Or all of those at once. They are perfectly natural and the way you and I, and everyone else is designed to be.

Mental Illness?

Problem is the big stuff tends to make an impact and build its own rooms, good and bad, and we react to it even when we don’t need to be like that anymore.

Most of what therapists call mental illness, and remember they are therapists so they have to see you as sick otherwise they can’t therapise, most of that is just the remnants of our reactions to our emotions carrying on, because nothing else has actually come along to widen the door or redecorate when the big stuff happens.

I guess that is seen as being sick because the symptoms can look like being attacked by a bug. Everything from rashes to pain and even cancers and life threatening physical stuff can and are a hang over from a big emotion that’s hanging around.

So to fix that we need to get to your emotional person, let’s call them your Mind for want of a better word and to distinguish it from your brain which is just an organ like your heart or liver, we need to get your Mind to understand what it’s doing, and show it how to stop it and how to widen a few doors.

We do that by approaching it as a part of you that is working properly just with the understanding of your emotions, not your intelligence. And then we show it how it can do the stuff it’s doing, but to do that more comfortably.

Some of your subconscious behaviours are hard wired so that you will always react to psychological triggers and stimuli in a predictable way for you, you will run certain patterns over and over that you can do nothing about that cause conflict between your subconscious and conscious mind.

To understand how you will react and how to work with that so that the conflict is controlled, you need to understand what your hardwired behaviour is going to be.

To be more self aware, go along to and take the MindStyle stress and strength assessment and discover what Your most comfortable way should be.

Then come back here and tell us how you think you become a fixer upper.

Hypnotism at its Core is About Pretending

Hypnosis is about pretending hypnotist jonathan chase #subskills

Is Hypnotism really about pretending?

Let me explain, if your legs won’t move or your arm is stuck, it is due to pretending, I’ll tell you why.

Something you may not realise if you’re looking to learn hypnosis is that Hypnotism is about using your imagination, and it’s your imagination that creates a new reality.

Hypnosis is also about manipulating one’s reality, something our imagination has the remarkable capability of doing, and everything that we experience in the world is due to our imagination, because we perceive the world on a subconscious level.

If you have ever had a phobia cured by hypnosis for instance here is what you may have learned. A phobia is not triggered by what is happening to you, it is simply something triggered by your imagination. Whether you have panic attacks or extreme fits of anxiety, these things are caused by what you believe.

It’s your imagination that dictates these feelings you are having.

When you learn hypnosis, you may find out all kinds of new phrases and terminology.  You may learn hypnosis, NLP, meta models, embedded beliefs or even emotional patterns. However, what it all boils down to is that these things are taking place in your imagination.

Now what about hallucination? As it turns out hallucination can be either very good or very bad.  But the bottom line is that hallucination is about imagination and make-believe… pretending.

A while ago now I hosted the Hypnotist Radio show and will be doing again soon. Someone, in one Sunday episode, was talking in our chat room about how he used to feel that he had never been hypnotised, he just followed along and pretended that it was working. However, the hypnosis actually started to really happen and become real to him!

As my co-host at the time Reg Blackwood, used to say  “Hypnosis happens when you focus so well and imagine something so vividly that it becomes real to you.” I definitely agree with this statement.

Additionally, you could replace the word “hypnosis” with “belief” and “imagine” with “pretend.”  Belief happens when you focus so well and pretend something so vividly that it becomes real to you.”

A person who is hypnotised is always going to be the best at pretending.

Pretending will become his or her reality.

Do you have other ideas about this topic? Then write a comment and start the conversation.

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