Our Story

“In front of many great Woman, there’s a Man who she let’s think it was his idea!” JonC

Let’s face it life is a series of opportunities you miss or you take, and as our midlife adventure was just starting, training and teaching felt a great thing to do.

Nineteen years ago after meeting, our initial, “Let’s do something real and exciting together,” tryst, didn’t include a business, but  with Subskills Training ltd, we do, dream and ambition achievement as Professional Presentation specialists. 

And over the years we’ve published a few best selling [amazon] Books, Videos and Audio, on everything from how-to-hypnotise, through to influencing people using Subconscious Skills and How to Harness and control Stress

We’ve exhibited at, and spoken on stage, in most of the UK’s major event venues, and we’re grateful to have been lucky enough to have trained and coached people from every inhabited continent on the planet, and 1.4 million at the current count via video on YouTube and Vimeo.


Zoe Clews

David Ralph

Todd Newton

Andrew Elliot