One-on-One coaching for when you need personal attention and don’t have the time for it to take months

Coaching for Success

Because of our broad range of global contacts, experience, political and other connections as well as a lifetime of successful negotiating experience, we have developed an instinct and a precise science of rules and procedures that can be customised to your unique situation. Our integrated approach allows for development of a successful, comprehensive strategic plan to achieve your desired results.

We will set up a negotiation war room in a “High Stakes” negotiation, integrate your implementation team, and turn your leaders into a team that negotiates better deals and contracts.

Let us assist, direct, and help you navigate:

  • High Consequence Deals
  • Corporate Takeovers
  • Labor Relations
  • High Security Situations
  • Retaining and/or Procurement of Strategic Talent
  • Negotiations in International Political Environments
  • Natural Resource Geopolitical Negotiations


Master the situation as we help you with:

  • Difficult personalities and deadlocks
  • Risk assessment
  • Effective communication tools and techniques
  • Getting leverage by gathering critical information
  • Achieving long term lasting commitments
  • Managing multiple stakeholders


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