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We help Professionals and Entrepreneurs up your game and maximise your Self Knowledge and Influence 

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If you're a Coach, Consultant, Advisor or Professional Influencer;
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No matter how successful, you can get stuck, stymied or stale, then we can help
maximise your Self Knowledge and give your Influence the Hypnotic Edge

I KNOW that the applied psychology of hypnosis - without trances or swinging watches - is the fast, fun and most effective way to help you regain your mojo and achieve what you dare to dream about."

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I know you're wondering how much you can benefit from coaching with me?
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Althea GrantMotivational Speaker, Lawyer, Human Rights Advocate

That 'X' factor presence ...

When you first meet Jonathan, he immediately has that 'x' factor presence! Its not hard to like someone so impressive but his work ethic and the sheer volume of his work is impressive.

Jonathan is a natural leader and teacher, he helped me immensely to find the right voice and has continued to advise me from the font of his great knowledge.

He's not just a hypnotist this would be to limit a man that is a teacher, entrepreneur, stage performer, Speaker of great ease and skill, Coach, Writer, leader .....I would recommend him without reserve.

Zoe ClewsHarley Street Hypnotist, Author, Blogger and Relationship Expert

Best thing I've ever done!

“Working with Jonathan is not for the faint hearted. Brutally honest coaching, but always with the best intentions.

Working with Jon is one of the best things I've ever done. My only regret is not doing it sooner.”

Todd NewtonEmmy Award winning Game Show Host with Most, Author, Podcaster

Success leaves clues...

"Jonathan Chase is someone who stands behind his teaching, and who has the Experience, and the creativity to take you where you want to be..."

Mumpta ItoFounder of 'The Wholistic Law Practice'

Innovative and Magic

“Brilliant hypnotist and personal development conduit. His retreat is absolutely wonderful and his innovative Chinosis technique has revolutionised my ability to harness the creative power in my life in a very practical and easy to follow way. Magic.”

Kevin HoganBest Selling Author of 'The Science of Influence'

Become positively influential!...

The groundbreaking Svengali System™ in 'How to make friends with yourself and Influence people' brought to you by best selling Hypnosis Author Jonathan Chase, gives you the steps to become positively influential for a more productive and happier life, by using Influence and Persuasion techniques.

In this book you find 3 decades of study and use of Direct Suggestion, Intuition, Intent and Mentalism to Install In Your Mind all the techniques you need to Influence, Persuade, Negotiate, Steer and of course Sell, not just to others but as importantly to yourself. Giving you more time to do the things you want to do by inspiring others to want to do the things they enjoy for and around you.

The Svengali System takes you into deep hypnotic rapport and then shows you how to do the same thing. Excellent insights into applied influence.

Mike BarnsBusiness Development Consultant ReD

Constantly be at the top

“To constantly be at the top of your profession calls for a focused responsive open mind. Jon will not only help you reach that point, he will teach you how to develop your mind to maintain the equilibrium between creativity, innovation and focus.”

About the Author

In an Award Winning, best selling, hypnotic writing and performing career since the 1980's, Jonathan has built a global audience and reputation for mesmeric, "Cutting to the Chase" speaking, training and coaching Self Knowledge and Influence .

A full time wheelchair user after he 'died' in 2005 to see what  all the fuss was about. Jon's mantra is, "Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler."
attributed to Einstein.   Discover More

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