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Jonathan Chase World Renowned Hypnotist Motivational Entertainer says "You can change your mind, change your life and choose to Live happily ever after!"

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More than just a Corporate and Keynote speaker I bring a unique style of inspiring sitdown-comedy hypnosis and mentalist show.
From an experience fitting small intimate audiences, to a full blown Inspiring Motivational Theatre Arena Exhibition, Your Motivational Message has never been so Mesmeric.


I've worked with people all over the world via Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Facetime, Facebook Video, and of course personally at my office or yours. I use unconventional hypnotic and mentalist methods such as Neuro Symbolism and Energy Psychology, I specialise in removing Business, Performance and Leadership Stress by Installing Clarity, Confidence and Creativity. 


I have the honour of being co-founder and Training Leader of the Elite Academy of Hypnotic Arts ltd - HypnoArts™ - where we train Hypnosis for Fascination and Fun as well as for Career and Personal Development. Specialising in Creative Original Direct Suggestion Hypnosis since 2001

Deeper and Deeper the secrets of stage hypnosis
Hypnotically Speaking
Dont look in his eyes how to be a confident original hypnotist
Chinosis Method Manual Energy Psychology and Neuro Symbolism

"Your Mind in Safe Hands"
Central ITV  

"Britain's Leading Hypnotist"
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"Master Internet Hypnotist"
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About the Hypnotist

Because I'm passionate about showing success orientated people how to chose the life they want. . .

Sometimes, even when we're very successful, we have to make choices. At the age of 48 I died; not in the theatrical sense, my heart stopped twice which resulted in Open Heart surgery and battling for my life fighting a month long secondary infection. That worsened my rare childhood neurological condition and I choose to then use a wheelchair. That could be a pain in the backside but, I choose to look at it differently because it gets me free seats in theatres and free parking!

Now you're here, however you decide we work together, I can't wait to join you on your journey and help you get Started. ​. .