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DEEPER & DEEPER - the secrets of stage hypnosis

Amazon Category best seller for over 10 years, quoted on Wikipedia and in several white papers and PHD thesis’, this book has enhanced many Stage Hypnosis careers, and started quite a few! Read on every continent including Antarctica. Considered by many the Bible of the genre. (PaperBack and Kindle)

How to make friends with Yourself and Influence People book Jonathan Chase Hypnotist shop


“Jon’s best book. Real exercises to hone your ability to connect with those who are your core niche clientele, whether that’s in sales, relationships, or hypnosis clients. Know yourself and you will attract to yourself those who will be best suited to being influenced by you.” 
George Guarino Amazon (PaperBack and Kindle)

The Svengali System - Audio & Video Classes

Best-selling Hypnosis author Jonathan Chase brings his Svengali System Subconscious Skills to the world of Influence and Persuasion.

Subconscious Skills are how you use your subconscious talents to get Commanding Confidence, Instant Influence and Powerful Presence.

Don't Look in his eyes how to be a confident original hypnotist - book

how to be a confident original hypnotist

“From one hypnotist to another: Having got hold of a copy of this book, you are going to learn about hypnosis today. You are going to learn what it is all about and you are going to have fun doing so. Read. Enjoy. Read again.” 
Adam Eason (PaperBack and Kindle)

Subconscious Skills Success book Jonathan Chase Hypnotist shop

10 simple strategies you should know

“Jonathan introduces us to our Subconscious and then proceeds to give us the tools to identify what we want and how to get those things. Those tools are not complicated, the book tells you clearly what to do and how to do it – repeatedly. :-)”
SusanR Amazon (paperback and Kindle)

Hypnosis Installed DVD or Online with Jonathan Chase Hypnotist

the Hypnotist Jonathan Chase shows you how to learn to hypnotise or hypnotize people at home easily

What’s the Easiest way to learn how to hypnotise? By Osmosis, Watch, then copy, it’s how you learned to walk and talk.

Hypnosis Installed Online Learning Experience Jonathan Chase ‘The Hypnotist’ get the ONLY Official copy from us or the DVD (NTSC or PAL) and get your *BONUS offer.

Watch the trailer showing the cutting edge approach used to install everything you need to be a Hypnotist and all you have to do is watch!

Includes your Hypnotist Confidence session from “Britain’s Leading Hypnotist”. JonChase

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HypnoSongs wide awake hypnosis just play Hypnotist Jonathan Chase album

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